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“But there is already ordered to collect it.。”

“Sand carving。”
Chapter 547 Finish
Bamboo books have begun to be found by a demon,Before the conference,It was transferred to an elderly emerald.。
This adult is very old.,So did not participate in the competition,But he is not good at fighting when he is young.,Good at it is the aspect of learning this.,A lot of big demon like him,It can even be said to occupy most。Although the monsters here generally advocate and use force,Can be aware of the awe of knowledge,Plus good conduct,This adult is very respected。
Under the witness of everyone,The strange box with bamboo books is connected。
Box material special,It looks a bit similar to the brand of 槐,Years have left some traces in it,But not damaged it。
The surrounding monsters have stretched your neck。
The box is opened.。
Lying in a bamboo book inside,Bunch with a ribbon,Little is not decadent。
The yin is deeply sucking,Goddess,Before reaching out,He also closed his eyes,Let the breathing become gentle,Clear inner distraction,This will open it——
Bamboo book has been held in the hands of the sequence。
Yue Yin is silent。
槐 序 序 序 知道 知道 知道 知道 遗 遗 序 序 序 序,Putting up the ribbon and gently pulling——
Not touched。
So he increased a little more。
He didn’t dare to act again.,I am afraid of breaking this thing.,I have to turn my head to see the yin,Say:“Your teacher played a dead。”
Yue Yin reach a finger,The ribbon is automatically unwritten。
“Oh, oh, advanced!”
Yue Yue, I can’t wait to open the bamboo book.,Run the ribbon dropped,He is busy with your hands,Concentrate respect。Then I saw that I was very casual, and I just wrote the new bamboo book that I just finished.,Also distinguished,He walked in his heart.,It’s just that there is still no expression on your face.。
“Well?”序 表 表 表,“What can’t see anything??”
“Description This is a volume。”
“No evidence is not chaos!”
“……”The more vivid is eye-catching,“This is the unique encryption method of the teacher.,Only on the volume will be so strict,Specifically, it is still the volume or the next volume, you give me a look.。”