Friday, March 31

Two lactarians have been placed on the desk of Jizi,Grade is0Division5Minute。

“Is this not a famous genius girl Qi Yana?,There is also a genius boy from Hanjiang?”Kii looked at two people。
Qi Ya Na’s pair of hands were entangled behind,Twisted:“History class history is not something I excellent.。”
“How do you explain??”Ji is talking another test paper,Say“History,Is other subjects??”
“I live with little and dad,Primary school in Europe,I am not good at learning in the country.。”Qi Yana looked at the expression of Ji,I didn’t explain it in the last neck.。
“Smile,You are not good to go?”Ji sings, Hanjiang。
“history5Minute,It’s true.,Genius?”
Han Jiang can’t say that I am from being worn.,I really don’t know。
I can’t spoiler like Qiana.,I had to smile awkward。
“You still have two laughs.,It’s just a simple mini test.,I am stepping on the answer sheet, I am higher than you.,Do not believe?”Ji Zi hated iron and said。
Just say it is still,Ji took a blank answer card to the ground.,“Clamor”Step on the top,Put into the warehouse21。
“Let me believe that I wear a flat shoes.?”Ji is angry。
“letter,letter!”Han Jiang is the same as Qi Yana,It is incredible in the eyes of each other.。
Ji drove himself down the glass,Slowly said:“From today, every day, you will start to make up.,Training can’t stop,Always pass the results。”
“understood。”Qi Yana is very angry and replied。
“OK,You go back to class two.。”Ji was impatiently shake his hand and said。
Hanjiang two people turned into a few steps,The voice of Ji rang again later.。
“Don’t think that it is no one.,I have a practical training of schools after I enroll.,Academy will let students simulate the model of the female Wushen squad to clear the dead。”
“what,Why is it happening like that。”This downlink is pulled down.。
“There are only many opportunities in the future.,As long as the class has nothing to make,Any action is not allowed to participate。”Ji is replenishing again。
This is completely blown to Qi Yana,When she came to the school, she had a good relationship with De Lisa.,As long as you becomeALevel female Wushen can know the drop of Dad,Can have been training in school training,When can you becomeALevel female Wushen。
There is not much worry about this Han Jiang.,One month time,Absolutely make his history and。
Han Rong looked around Qi Yana,in the game,Players said that Hui Yanna is a single cell grass.,Now it seems,She really didn’t live up to this outer number.。
“What look,You don’t5Is it,Mongolia to a choice question,What is good。”Qi Yana is equipped with a fierce look。
Han Jiang picks up the eyebrows:“I only have a history of history.,And you?”
“you”Qi Yana clenched his fist on the ground.,Be angry:“I thought I also had a companion.,It’s really mad at me.!”
“How to do it,I am grateful to play games in Balonia this afternoon.”Qi Yana walked into the classroom。
Chapter VII Armor
Start school the next day,Start normal。
Morning class,Afternoon training,I can do my favorite things in four o’clock.。
In the afternoon training,The Jizi team stands behind everyone.。
“Nowadays,Tell everyone two news,Good news”Say that Ji Solden is sold here.,After seeing the face of the people on the face, I continue to say:“And a better message。”
“This week, the school is preparing to combat armor for everyone.,Test each person next Monday fighting capabilities,At the same time, I will choose the most capable position in the battle.。”
A lively girl asked in the team:“The teacher is another news.,What is it。”
The smile of Ji is revealing:“Santa Feria School supports students to show their own personality,So allow everyone to customize your favorite look for your own armor.。”