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Looking at Jiang Yuwan again,Jiangyu。

He originally thought that I found a soft mortar,But I suddenly found a steel plate.。
Especially this steel plate is very hard,Looking at a cup of wine in the cup,He hesitated。
Chapter 125
“Xiaojiang,I do it.。”
Look at the appearance of Jiangyu Yisheng Yusheng,Jiang Yuwan took the cup directly.,There is no drop in the cup.。
Jiang Yu Wan has been doing so much.,Jiangyu is still not drinking,That is definitely a joke around.,Excluded,The most important thing is also proved that others are really bad.。
Endless rude,Do not recognize。
How to say that Jiang Yu will belong to the elder。
“咕咚 咕咚”Jiang Hao bites his teeth and drinks directly.。
But with the moment of spirits into the throat,He felt hot spicy,That kind of hot feelings,Even his brains are somewhat not awake。
The cough and cough Jiangxi quickly drunk a few mouthfuls of tea and put the hot feelings.。
But this time he is honest.,Otherwise, go to Jiang Yuwan。
A few glasses of wine,Jiangyu said that he started his tongue.。
See this scene,Zhou Shengjie is also a bitter smile.。
Originally, he is still preparing to talk to Jiangyu today.,But seeing Jiangyu’s appearance,He knows that it is impossible today.。
After all, talk to a drunk person to talk about the contract is completely used.。
Just when everyone is eating and drinking.,Li Hui also packed up something ready to go back.。
Just when I go back, he still wants to talk to Xu Ru.,After all, Xu Ruzhen said that I will go to the bag to find him.。
If you find him not,Maybe you will be disappointed,Especially Jiangyu is still there.,Maybe you will be entangled。
Think about it,He also dialed the number.。
And Xu Ruzhen is also thinking about it.,Today, come to participate in this wine, I thought I could talk about the business of a brand-name distributor’s business manager.,But but I didn’t expect the other person to act in the idea.。
Although the other party drinks liquor,She drinks low wine,But after the two glasses of red wine, she still feels a little dizzy.,Especially the kind of hot feeling that makes her could not help but feel bad.。
A moment of ringing ringtones ringing,Xu Ruzhen is also a glimpse,She obviously felt that a few men in the wine game showed a touch of nervousness.。
I immediately took out my mobile phone.,Seeing that Li Hui’s phone is not helpful,It is also relaxing.。
“Hey,breeze,You are at the door.?
Then you wait for me.,I will go out.。”
After Li Hui’s call,I didn’t say a word, I heard Xu Ruzhen’s self-speaking.。
In an instant, he knows that Xu Ruzhen should have trouble.。
Go on:“Sister,Don’t hang it first,You tell me in which private room you are,I have been looking for you.。”
Reaction for Li Hui Feng,Xu Ruzhen did not expect,But the feeling of concern is that she is very touched.。
“breeze,You don’t have to come up.,I am going out myself.。”
Say,Xu Ruzhen didn’t say a phone call and said sorry to the few people on the wine table.,Then picked up your own bag and stepped on the high heel.。
Looking at Xu Ruzhen’s back,Sitting in Sanze。
He feels that all the preparations today is completely a delicious taste that is going to be baked into others.。
After all, the two glasses of wine have been doing hands and feet.。
According to normal,A cup of convenience made the other party reacted,But the two cups go out to go out of this room.,This is what he did not expect.。
“Yuan Boss,Do you give me a promise??