Friday, March 31

The diaphragm is broken。

But did not scatter,But fast flow、shrink。
Finally become a five-finger of tear drops again.,Sticking to the fingertips in the summer。
It’s crystal clear,It is radiant in it.。
Summer lifts fingers,Heping the line of sight,Detail。
He found that this tear is like a little bit.。
Not an illusion!Summer and Octavious observation,Can be confirmed,This teardrop is absolutely less than the original。
“Consume……”He tried to be aware according to known information,“Although I don’t know what the diaphragm is,But once opened,Energy will consume energy……”Summer eyes,Random……Next moment,His eyes Hawran,A glimpse,I have seen it again.。
Not far from him,There is a timing hourglass。
This is his agreement with Gogjian.。
Eight years of cultural practice,But it doesn’t mean that you have to turn off the eight years this place.。
They agree to precipitate a year,Remaining seven years,On the side of the road。
So this time hourglass,I set another year。
Name called hourglass,It is naturally impossible inside.。
It is a common use of the road.,Refined timing tool。
There are twelve hours of the hourglass,Just perfuse a little energy into the hourglass,Hourglass will run it on your own。
Summer remember clearly,He is in practice for ten days.,I feel that the speed is slow,So I started to play with black spar.。
Dissolved wafer,Half for a long time,At that time, the scale was in the time.。
And now,Hourgur,Still time!This is not strong!Even if he uses it very short,It is also very clear,The diaphragm will cover the time of him,At least one time has been studied!Make a reason,Time scale should be no matter!“time……”Summer eyes have grown。
“I rely on!”
Then a whisper in the summer,Hawran got up。
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Summer finally know where the familiar sense is。
He was in the lower bound,Each time flow rate fragment practice,It is the feeling of the diaphragm.。
The mysterious fluctuation of its internal flow,Herone is the timing。
However, both have a subtle difference,So let the summer are difficult to think of。
The first moment of my mind touches the droplets,Give him a fighting star shift,A blank in the mind,Like stepping on time and space。
Also, the timing is flowing。
“in this case,Shrouted my layer of diaphragm,That is the time……”Summer round,Eye light flashing。
Safe for a long time,Still can’t help but laugh。