Thursday, June 1

“Their tires have exploded!”Zhou Yuhao is really saying from the light mirror.,

Von Mana said with tears:“Hanguang brother!It is rouge to help us!”
“You are talking about Blue Car?”
“Correct!Previously a Director of Telecommunications at 76。”
“Is Blue Koff is not a harmonious person??Leaving Shanghai。”
“Yes,I didn’t expect her to return to Shanghai again.,Also saved our life!”Von Mana is full of gratitude,In fact, she has long never missed the days of Rouge.,Now people are killing the gods.,When you are so critical, you still have a girlfriend to save yourself.。
“This time, I lost her.,Otherwise, we may be caught by the devil.!How are we exposed??”Zhou Yuhao asked,
Von Manna thought about it.:“It should be found with the secretary of Zhang.!”
“Wang Shi’an secretary?What should he see you??”Zhou Yuhao blame,
“They have now got a prevention plan,Just assassinate Chen Mai Group,He hopes that I can give the whereabout of Chen Mo Group。”Von Mana said helplessly,
“You promised?”
“Can I not agree?,Chen Mo Group is Wang Shi’an beta,Don’t promise you to say that he doesn’t sell us。”
“makes sense,This Wang Shi’an is really too bad.!”
“I curse him not to die.!Hanguango we can’t continue to drive!”Von Manna said,
“Um!I have already prepared it.!”Zhou Yuhao is indeed prepared,Organization has also arranged with him with evacuation route.,He threw the car into a small alley,Then take Feng Manna to cry.。
Pass the secret channel,Zhou Yuhao took Feng Manna directly to Chongqing,Because he will continue to latenate in the military。
Su Wenqian did not follow von Manna and Zhou Yuhao,But follow blue carp,Seeing that she didn’t have any danger, I went back to the nine brother.,But I don’t want Saito Cong Liling and Zhu Benzhen that has been reported to the three ends in the office.。
“You said that smolders!Bai Hui still hurts by the beauty?”
“Yes,General,When chasing von Manna and Zhou Han light, the car was hit by the electric bar.。”
“How to be injured?”
“Nothing danger。”
“You say that their carts are thrown,Who is exploding?”
“The smoked is like seeing a woman’s driving gun.,But what is long, I didn’t see clearly.。”Trushes said,
“A woman?So, Feng Manna and Zhou Han light are planned to escape.,Otherwise how can someone in halfway。”Three Yousyou said,
“We think so too.,I have sent people to search their residence and office.,No more valueful things。”Saito Cong Lir said,
Three Emperor Feng low thought about it.:“So they have already prepared to escape.!”
NS796chapter Killing fish king
Saito Cong Liling and Zi Benzhao must not dare to suspect that the three tails,At present, Von Manna and Zhou Han Guang have indeed prepared,Today, I found someone to track this surprise. I will escape.。
“General,We think so too.!”Two people attached,
“Don’t take these first,You quickly prepare some nutrition and fruits and flowers.,Let’s take a look at the smolders.,Mr. Tengyuan’s old man entrusted me to me.,What happens, how do I explain with Fuji?!”Three tails said that he is full of distress,
Driving to the hospital, I saw Fujiwara.,Bai Hui,Three people are all collided.,Fujihara in the covaround is the most important,Bandage is wrapped on your head,Now only expose your eyes and mouth。
“The injury is so serious.!Will not destroy it??”San Yousyou saw a doctor。
Doctor is worried about affecting the injured,Hurry and comfort:“If you recover, you should not。”
Three ends and enthusiasm:“Yumi,Be sure to be strong,Take a doctor if you want to listen to the doctor.,Be sure。”
“General,Did Feng Manna and Zhou Han light??”Fujiwara,
“I have notified the various troops to set up the card.,You will be careful,Don’t think anything else。”Three Yousheng Feng said to Saito Cong Liro said:“Go to find the best female care worker,Be sure to take care of them three,Don’t worry。”