Friday, March 31

Always start at night。

Nan Ge frowned,Crapen the sketch of the red orangutan to the left,Suggest:“A bit,Will n’t swell when you eat your face?。”
“no need。”
“Don’t eat!I am alone.!Um!Really delicious!”Nan Ge is like a self-speech。
“Which childish?”
“You are naive!”
More and more naive。
Zhou Zhi usually only appears in this type of statement when talking to the group。
Spicy shrimp。
Zhouzhi’s porridge。
Obviously it is intentionally,On the way to the opening office,She also bought two ice creams,A person eats。
Zhou is not moving。
They have not been there.,There are many people sitting in the classroom.,Voice is very messy。Everyone is sitting together,Talk to changes in summer vacation,After seeing Zhou Zhihe and Nan Ge, he smiled and greeted them.。
Wear sauce and Hanfu,But I have already changed a set.,Firmly attracting the eyes of students。
In their side,Small gousse is dressed in a lattice shirt,Put a laptop in front of,Hardestated photos。 Three people from the bedroom with mobile phone。
“We sit behind!”
“Don’t sit on the last row!”
Zhou He followed the nanong and walked,Sit down behind the middle,Start watching around。
Get along the big two,The relationship between students has a significant change。Some play together,Has been a good friend,Don’t play together,Almost there is almost no intersection outside the class。
From the seat, you can see it.。
Some is not a bedroom、Not even a class,Also tied to sit together,Haha’s,Chatty。
Until Zhou Qian went in,The classmates greeted her.,Quickly。
Zhou Qian hugs,Look back,The eyes swept by everyone,Smile:“I feel that everyone’s image changes.,Male students are so dark.,Female students have a lot of fat.,Image is declining。”
Then she lax straight aimed to the last row,Still smile,Striker:“Come,The last row of students took the first row!”
Finally, there is a mourning。
But no one dares to reverse her。
Nan Ge is down at the ear.:“I just said.!”
The students waiting for the last row filled the first row,Zhou Qianqian also looked straight to Zhou and Nan Ge:“Depth,Come and bring me a child!”
Voiced,I have to go forward.,Go to her children down。
Zhou Qianqian continued to speak:“Affected by the epidemic,There is no feeling that is a kind of genius that has been in the last school year.?”