Friday, March 31

Han Jiang’s foot pointed,Broken crash can avoid falling into the collapse,Subsequent and long distance from the collapse beast。

Han Jiang didn’t know that the cute girl on the casinam-class collapse was a deficiency of the dead or collapsed.,But the wisdom of this collapse beast is much higher than that of the battle train.。
Other crazy beasts will only rely on instinctive battle,This thing actually understands the skills of fighting on horseback.。
“In this case,Then I will try the tips for recently practicing.!”
Han Jiang stared at the knight-level collapsed beast decision to test the smart limit of this.,There is also a test practice for more than a month of combat skills.。
Han Jiang puts one of the Tang Dynamics back the knife sheath,The state village is instantly in the hands.。
When the knight-level collapse beast is again tied to Hanjiang,Han Jiang will show out。
The state village is turning the circle in the air, and the knight is a gun.,Han Jiang’s nearly behind him on the body of the knight collapsed,Another foot hooks the neck of Meng girl。
Meng girl is certainly uncomfortable,Gun sweep。
In it seems,Hanjiang right hand has already empty,The left hand is very likely to resist the long gun,As long as this is hitting,Don’t say the Han Jiang stop,Can also sweep Hanjiang to let the broken beast under the ground。
But the moment, the state village is recycling in the warehouse through the system.,Go back to Hanjiang again。 “Clang!”
Gully and the stormy village are colliding out sparks,Han Jiang put another Tang knife straight downwardly into the part of the collapse of the beast!
This is still not finished.,Han Jiang quickly pulled another Tang knife,Toward“Horse”The position of the neck is cut off。
Chapter 75 Alloy chariot crazy beast
Horse-shaped collapsed beasts make a painful scream,Hanjiang is on the handle,Let the Tang knife continue to expand their wounds。
Meng girl on horseback seeing the collapse of the beast is about to be killed,Release reins,One-handed gun becomes a handsheld gun,Attack Hanjiang。
Han Jiang jumped to high altitude,Meng sister, the next time the knight is from the next。
Hanjiang side,A delicate pistol appears in hand,Targeting the opponent’s heart is a shot。
Meng girl pain,But did not suffer how much injury。
Look again,The collapsed beast under the ground is in the ground,Extra gas,Can’t。
Hanjiang hides the knight,Zhizhou Village is again returning to the hand to hit the girl。
Less honey-collapse,Meng girl seems to have less attacksbuffSame,Inserted by Hanjiang one knife,Fall down。
“This cute girl is a broken beast or a dead?”Han Jiang said a sentence。
“Uh,Knight-level collapse is a combination of knights and collapse,The Meng girl you said is officially called a knight.。”
The interpretation of the buds from the Ear Han Jiang。
First formal combat,The internship team requires full connection to public communication channels。
Han Jiang’s 咕 声 人 人 的,This makes Hanjiang almost red face.。
but,Since the bud can explain to Hanjiang,That means that the collapse of the collapse of them has been crusade.。
“Cracking energy concentration begins to reduce,All team members go deep into the core area,The collapse of the catastrophe in the core!”Ji is under communication channel。
Because there is the existence of the crane-level collapse,The entire collapsed area is distributed throughout the sky.。
Internship female Wu Shen team five people at designated intersection,The San Fer Yajian Guard divided five people followed,Responsible for preventing expensive situations。
The center of Chanberten Crash Region is a junior high school campus playground.,Thanks to this school without boarding,Otherwise many students will encounter this crisis.。
After a few hours of rescue and fighting,Orientally began to show fish belly。
Hanjiang five people also came to the center location,Enter the campus。
Perspective of Ji,In the picture captured by drone and cracking energy detection device。
The position of the playground has a huge tornado shape, the collapse can go back early.,Little desalination in the case of naked eye。
When the collapse can completely disappear,Cracking center has eight meters high,Six-meter wide-speed chariot-collapse。