Thursday, June 1

Summer micro-mouth,The eyes are not despise。

This old guy said than singing.。
One hand controls the gambling,Let Zhang Hong account each time and。
Now talk to him now?
It is awarded to your face on your face.。
Zhang Yongnian naturally captures the styles in the eyes of summer,Not mind。
this is the truth,Strongman is respect。
At this time,Zhang Hong’s four people,I have also taken out their own badges.,Hanging in the chest。
Their badge is red,Although there is no transformation of Zhang Hong,But it is also very strong。
Thousands of warrs shouted,Everyone is excited。
Voice is deafening。
corresponding,Summer five people’s single helper with murderous atmosphere form a distinct contrast。
So semi-definitely quiet。
Zhang Yongnian is satisfied with the view,And swept Zhang Hong and the summer two teams。
“Summer brother,If you win,Alternative Zhang Hong became a thousand,His merits of the badge belong to you,But it is fair,You can’t take it out of the soldier.,certainly,Zhang Hong can not use his three-piece dragon ripple,You both use the system weapon。”
I don’t give the summer opening opportunity.,Accelerate,Low,“Come up with。” 哗。
The two military soldiers came out in the crowd,Out of a mysterious iron。
In the illustrative of Zhang Yongnian,Have to Summer and Zhanghong, respectively。
“This two-pole-iron metal gun belongs to the second product,Regardless of the material or power,As a result,You are absolutely fair.。”
He smiled and said,“Summer brother,You are satisfied?”
Summer picking up a big gun,Take a pressure before,Puff,The gun body is dramatic。
Follow Zhang Yongnian,Spit out a word,“satisfy,Of course,I want to spit satisfactabily.。”
NS3571chapter Zhang Yongnian
“What did you say?”
Zhang Yongnie brows,Faceless,“summer,What are you discouraged?,No need to hide,When you lose, you will find an excuse.。”
Summer smiles,Incompatibility,“okay,This set of products,I really want to say it??”
Toned,Eyes smashed a gap,Stare at each other,Raise sound,Repeatedly drink,“I really want to say how you are as shameless.?”
Zhang Yongnian’s face is gloomy,Stare at the summer,in silence。
Murder in the depth of the eyes。
“But when the group wants to stand up,Appearance,Greedy,I have seen more such people.。”
Summer is oblique to each other,“I challenge him,It is intended to,You gave me this kind of gambling,The military soldiers here don’t know,Hold me hostile,Now I am not allowed to use the soldier,Now you ask me fair?
You are really shameless。”
Fall into the voice,Silent。
The four weeks did not expect,In the summer, I dare to be a thousand people.。
All stay。