Friday, March 31

Xiqi City?One of the five families,He Jia?It seems that this person has a shallow connection with the power of the family.!

Yunqin understands,This person is taking a background。
Didn’t see this person,The people in the few people are facing out,Have a refundable meaning?!
She as a just‘Village’Man,What is the forces?,I really don’t know much,How much,I know that I can’t change the plan.!Because,The pharmacodynamic effect is to attack.!
Yunqin’s evoke,“What is Weska City,I remember,I will go to visit with the opportunity.。”
This meaning,Obviously, I don’t want to talk with them.。Everyone has a sink,Just to attack Qi Qi,A heavy power is spread by Dantian。
‘thump’Some people first endure,Fall down。
“what have you done?!”White robes have a straight back,Refers to Yunchin。
‘thump’‘thump’,Someone can’t afford to fall。
“Well,Just give you one,Can make you make a good feelings!”Yunqin blinked。
For a hit,But it used to use five times.!The strength is slightly lower,No her dehydration,Maybe you have to sleep for five days and five nights.!
“you!”White robe old man did not come and swear,Really bear,Also fell on the ground。
Everyone solved,Yun Qinong tone,A man who is also falling in the ground,Sigh,Hello to understand medicine。
Take him in,It’s entirely because I have no chance to explain him.!
Men woken away,Looked up‘Corpse’A while。
“Since you wake up,Hurry away。Once auction will find you,Maybe you will send someone to reach you back.。”
Finish,Yunqin turned to prepare back to the inn。
“and many more!”
Yunqin looks back to men,Look。
“You saved me。”
“I have to follow you.。”man。
“You want to follow me?”Yun Qin’s temporary eyebrow。
“Yes。You saved me,I wish I am awakening,I am willing to follow you.,Selling for you,Rescue。”Man firmly。
“Follow I will have a danger and it doesn’t matter.?Don’t you find your family??”Yun Qin asked。
Although she does have intentional income,But not anyone is suitable for collecting,after all,What she wants is to do is‘Famous world’。
Where is dangerous,Where is the lively,What can she go?。People who follow her must be firm enough!
Men’s mood low lane:“I have no family member.。”
“There is no relationship with dangers,I can protect you!”
He experienced life and death,Family destruction,There will never have anything that will make him feel dangerous.。
The reason why I chose to follow this woman,In addition to really want to report,But there is also your own selfishness.。
Big in the world,He can’t find your own feelings,It is better to follow people in front of it.,Time,It is the day when he leaves revenge.!
“name?”Yun Qin nod to ask。
Everyone has their own secrets,Yunqin is not going to ask more。
Although this man has its own careful thinking,But she still can feel,He is really thought about。
Men surprised up,I know that Yunqin is agreeing to him.,Go on:“My name is Yusheng。”
“I am Yunqin,Let it go,Take you with two people。”
Yunqin,Band in front,Man follows behind,The two quickly returned to Hechi City。