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I want to make me what to do.!
Regardless of the red ear,The Qing Palace is in the air, and it is close to the following.,I looked at the upper and et al.,Can’t help but laugh。
With the referee,Qingtian laugh in the Qing Dynasty,The hands suddenly lit up a Dao Jin Mang,then,Those teenage girls that are like fire
Their body,Really emerged!
A moral golden rays flew to the classmates of the Qing Palace,Ground wrapped their body in it,Like a barrier,Similar flame,Ignite everyone ignited!There is no golden flash on the upper strip of the head.,only,His right hand is like an invisible barrier,All close attacks are all in order!
Facing all the capacities of the opposite ability,Whether it is a flame,Still frost、Current、Water flow or soil,All in the thin flame light screen strikes!
“Feel the will of the flame!”Laughter in the Qing Dynasty,The flame of the flame will be burned into a flaming.,“tell me!Tell me your choice——”
“Survive or destroy!”
“Survive or destroy!”Upper stroke,The first defense line,A punch is over the leader of the leader!
“Survive or destroy!”Behind the strip,Fifty soldiers burning a flame roar,Crazy rushing over the opponent’s defense line,That’s invincible iron ride,Combine the original uniform and strong defense line,Countless students scream,Skating the attack from the students who have completely seen before。
On the table,Middle-aged man two eyes,Dynasty dizzy。
Hereed,Wrench pile competition,Tell a paragraph。
Happy New Year Mina Sang~Soft Cume wish everyone a happy New Year,All the best.!
(This chapter is over)
NS369chapter Capability limit
Waiting for the End of the Qing Dynasty and the upper,When I came to the desk,But see such an opaque picture。
Yintker is lying on the standstight,A person stands almost a row of space,Her side,Mercure the beautiful piano face with helpless and loved two slightly complex looks,Positive a little bit of donkey biscuits,And Yintker is also eaten.。The whole process looks and feeds the stray animals such as the kitten or puppy without the distinction,This is also the cause of the Qing Dynasty and the upper situation。
“You are this”The Qing Palace laughed,“How is a kind of feeding??Why do you festive here??”
“Don’t describe it as if you feed a small animal is not good.?”Contributing,“Although it is really a matter”
“what”Meiqin looks at the Qing Palace and the upper,Suddenly slightly awkward,And this feeling in Yintick, reached the extreme when it started to eat her finger.,“that”
“stop!No explanation!”The upper strip,Pick up In Steick,I have a very standard for Meiqin.,“I am so sorry,My pet is born to you.!I have a good time to say that I am very sorry again.!”
“You are more too much.!”See this picture,The front and back of the Qing Dynasty,“What do you usually have to raise Inbike?,Why is the US piano use a few biscuits??”
“What。”Meiqin white palace,“Say,You have a big head today.。”
“That is,”Looking at the face of Meiqin,The Qing Dynasty has given birth to her thoughts again.,So I deliberately laugh,“I am trying to have a victory in the game with someone.!The person who is lost at the time, but the person to win~meaning~Place~Set~Oh!”He said‘Dispose of’Four words,His face deliberately brought evil smile。
“诶 诶 诶!!”Meiqin is scared by the smile of the Qing Palace.,“You, you don’t too much.!Even if you win,I will not let you do so too much.!”
“So what is your brain?。”The Qing Dynasty is funny to watch the expression of Meiqin,When you rub her head,Put her soft cup of tea,“Don’t think so abnormal things.!”
“Obviously you”Meiqin drums,Wiring flame,Never say nothing。
Wow!This person is too bad.!
“but,anyway,”The upper line also laughed watching the expression of Meiqin,Turning out, watching the Qing Palace,“You are obviously cheating in the Qing Dynasty.?PowerfulbuffObvious exceededlevel 4Let it be?”
“no,no!”The Qing Dynasty shakes the finger against the upper strip.,“I control is very good.,Exactlylevel 4Holding levelaiCritical point,There is absolutely no more than one silk.!”
“you thislevel 4which onelevel 4what?”Mouth mouth micro,“whatlevel 4Will there be this power??”
“Of course it is mine.level 4NS。”The Qing Palace looks at the upper,“I am a perfect simulation.level 4The power of the level of thermal controlling!”
“Also say that you are not cheating。”The upper strip,“yourslevel 4Requirementlevel 4Can you be the same??Obviously beyond the boundary, it is much better.?”
“Do not,you are wrong。”did not expect,Qing Palace,Conscientiously,“I am using the energy,It’s all fine.level 4Level,You feel that the power is too strong,Just because the big capacity you have ever seen did not completely play his strength.。”
“what?”The upper stroke is stunned.,Even Meiqin also lifted up,Listen to the Qing Palace carefully。