Thursday, June 1

Li Huihe listened to the leaves of the leaves and the words are also a glimpse.。

Even him is some immediately understand the plan of the boy.。
After all, he has always been doing anything.。
Those other patterns,He is too lazy。
But it is obvious,Ye Shuangzhou is not ready to go positive,Instead, I want the sword.。
“Forehead,I naturally know,Just some things,I don’t want to do it.,I always feel some”Li Hui’s words did not finish,Ye Shuangzhou is connected。
“Hey-hey,Some is not so big bright?
Some small people?”
I heard the leaves of the river acknowledged,Li Hui is also sorry to nod.。
“Li brothers,What do you say,Is it a big bright way to play with you??
Don’t say that this is done today.,Let you drill in it,I have been investigated before the other things.,You feel your justice,But have you ever thought about it?,The kindness of justice is to use it on oneself.,Treat the enemy, you talk to him,Do you have to pass??”
Chapter 745 Maintaining your heart
This word of the leaves of the leaves, let Li speak together。
He has never considered this problem.。
Treat the enemy to pay attention to fairness,Do you really have to do it??
Li Hui Feng first face this question。
If he did not follow the big bright way before he said,So, when you were in Huashan City, because those people were really damn.,So he only used a little means a little more。
However, Li Mei is obviously unable to compare with those criminals.。
This is why he has not used other means.。
“The Ye Jie means?”
I saw that Li Hui Feng has listened to her words.,Ye Shuangzhou laughs directly:“It’s not a place where you speak here.,Let it go,Let’s go to your medicinal aware house.,By the way, I also want to see what special food is there.,Those who have eaten in your village,I am still unfair.,I feel that I feel the taste of food and eat.。”
“Hey-hey,The dishes of the drug have absolutely beyond your imagination,But I suggest it to eat there.,You still eat according to your own situation,Otherwise it is too big, it is not good.。”
“Hey-hey,Have you this goddess brother,I am afraid to make up the body.?”
Finish,Ye Shuangzhou directly let people drive the car,Then go directly to Xu Ruzhen’s hotel。
A restaurant,Ye Shuangzhou is very satisfied with the renovation of the hotel,Because other hotels go in, most of them greeted guests.,Even some narrow。
But Xu Ruzhen’s restaurant hall is very transparent,The most important thing is that the surrounding decoration is also given a feeling of coming to the Aquarium.,On the other side, whether it is a hanging blue embellishment,Or is there a kind of feeling that the bonsai has entered the wild。
As for the cashier,It is the place where it is occupied.,There is nothing in the lobby to imagine a lot of table chairs.,Contrary to a very wide table。
Such an atmosphere,There is a different decoration,Let Ye Shuangzhou look forward to。
In a big private room in the second floor,Li Hui also directly allowed the waiter to come over the recipe,Then handed over to the leaves of the doubles and the leaves.。
Of course, today, he also knows that it is secondary.,Main still how to deal with Li Mei’s problem。
After all, how do you think today?,He is all suffering。
Ye Shuangqi got the recipe,I didn’t hesitate to have a chicken stewed mushroom.,And the leaves of the leaves are a few green vegetables.,The backend is labeled with the effect of kidney.。
Li Huihe listened to several dishes of the leaves of the leaves,It means that the opponent looks at each other.。
“Hey-hey,Ye brother I feel that there is no need to point so many vegetables.,Our seafood is also a variety of types。”
Ye Shuangzhou saw the look of Li Hui’s eyes,Naturally understand Li Rong。
However, he did not feel slightly.,After all, everyone is an adult.,And it is the blood of the blood.,To say that kidney is not lost, it is not。