Thursday, June 1

Just look at it, look at it in front of it.,Shenxuan at this time,The whole person is still very helpless.。

“Ugh,Now this look,Really headache,I can’t do this later.。”
“but,anyway,She seems to”
Look at the red,Shen Xuan’s heart’s feelings,Be more intense。
Su Yuhong,I also see that Shen Xuan is。
Now,Su Yuhong said that the topic is transferred.。
“Say,This jewelry,So beautiful.。”
“Leader,You said this jewelry,What is the secret of Tibet??”
For Su Yuhong said,Shen Xuan,This slowly returned to God。
actually,Shen Xuan’s heart is very clear。
Su Yuhong is now the main purpose of this,It’s nothing more than helping Shen Xuan to ease my heart.。
But here,Shen Xuan saw it,Still don’t forget to talk to your eyes。
“really,Here,Tibetan secret。”
“actually,This secret is”
Shen Xuan said,Jewelry,Press slightly。
After these,Shenxuan’s face。
In front of the jewelry,It is slowly opened a small mouth.。
Jewelry,It suddenly suddenly came out of a small sheet of paper.。
Su Yuhong dumbious look at this scene,Even now,Su Yuhong is already,What should I say something better?。
“This,It’s too unexpected.。”
“Leader,How did you find it??”
Su Yuhong turned,It’s even more appreciative in my beauty.。
I don’t know what it is because。
Perhaps because of the relationship between Shen Xuan,Have a breakthrough progress。
So now Su Yuhong sees here,The whole person suddenly,I don’t know what to say.。
But here,Former,Su Yuhong’s heart is more, the more I think it is very anxious.。
“But the problem is,What is this??”
Shen Xuan station here,Time to see Su Yuhong,It is a swing against this.。
“open to take a look,Know。”
I heard Shen Xuan said so.,Su Yuhong is also a tense。
Subsequent,Su Yuhong slowly opened。
On the paper,Then there is a word of densely numbness.。
After reading it,Su Yuhong is a bit surprised by the whole person。