Thursday, June 1

Her stars flashed in a hint,This set of houses will also promote the boost.。

“Qing Dynasty,I see,You continue to stare at Joe Yi’s one fell,If I guess, what is wrong,Recent time,for money,Joe Yi will definitely touch the people of Lijia。”
“lady,I see。”Qing Dynasty。
Blue Club information。
Her work has been completed,I don’t know if Joe Yi is delivered on time.。
I am thinking that the big brother is asking,Joe Yi’s phone is called。
“Hey……”Blue Xin is still in a hurry,I heard the cry of Joe Yiyi. 。
“Blue Xin,Oh no,I was mugged,My package,Yan Mai’s clothes,Never。”
Blue Xin:“……”Big day is robbery?The thief is so bold?
NS1628chapter:I don’t wear red clothes
“Joe Yiyi,You said a little clear,Where have you been robbed??”“Yan’s dress is waiting to wear?She has a banquet tonight.,This set of private custom spring,$ 500,000?I am doing the design of staying up late.,Gem of the upper side is my carefully selected,Crushed diamonds are snooked by me.。”Blue Xinyan
Have anger,Joe Yiyi said, she did not believe in the punctuation.,Especially at this critical moment。
“Hoot……”Joe Yi cry came。
“Blue Xin,Road side of the rivals not far from the Yanmei family,When I arrived,Just encountered Yan Mai back,Yan Xiaoyami looked at me to rob that was robbed by a motorcycle.,You don’t believe you can ask your grandmother。”
Blue Xin:“……”
“I am coming soon.,You immediately alarm。Do not,I am coming to alarm。”Lan Xin is not trustworthy,Joe Yiyi this people feel delicate,Making bad things and very old road。
“Blue Xin,What is the police?,Do you want people in the river to know that your clothes are robbed??Blue Xin,Today’s urgent is to solve the problem of clothing of Yan Grandma.,Yan Grandma is waiting to participate in the banquet??”
“I don’t know if I have an accident.。”Qiao Yi guilty voice crying blue is troubled。
“shut up,Cry what crying?Can you solve the problem??”Blush。
Joe Yiyi stopped immediately。
“Ok,You said this,I will not cry.,When you come, I will find the main heart.。Yan Xiaoyama is shocked,I am in aunt, my grandmother go back to rest.。”
Joe Yiyi finished,Hang a phone。
She stands up,Come back a few laps,I forced myself to stop,I am not upset now.,We must solve the clothes of Yan’s grandmother.。
Blue Xinle,Think carefully。
But,Where is she looking for so suitable clothes??
Yan Xiaoyamai, she learned,Cool suit,She is seventy-year-old age,But the body management is extremely good.,Which is so suitable??
And she likes elegant costumes,Her private customization,She all chose for a while before it is determined.,It can be seen that her emphasis is not general.。
Tonight’s banquet is even more meaningful for her.。
Their company’s clothes are characteristic of young fashion types,To find a set of solemn, it is not difficult,It’s hard to grasp your grandmother.,Must have a light blue。
Blue Xin down thought about the countermeasures,Look at the time on the wrist,It is impossible to do it.。