Friday, March 31

For a while,Outline。

Learned according to information,One star field,Going away,The higher the realm of strong people。
It is said to be on the core planet of the star field.,The strong and Tongyou’s strong is extremely common。
Like them、Long-lived stream,Most of them are active in the outer planet of the star field。
Black Golden Although it is a portal request in the northern star field,Nature is also the most peripheral。
also,I have known a fun news in the summer.。
Let him be more clear about the realm。
That is,In five topplates,Different in every realm,The nature of the realm is the same。
E.g,In the god,Realm is divided from low to high,Diabu、God、Mysterious、God、God、King。
In the spiritual world,Divine、Real fairy、Xuanxian、Jinxian、 Dato、Fairy king。
In other words,Nirvana and Changsheng,Corresponding to the land fairy and true fairy。
Way to completely,Then correspond to Jinxian and Da Luo,Also correspond to God of God and God。
Summer practice road,Different from。
Terminal,It is the way to evolve one。
Summer is currently cultivated,Not understanding what is the main master。
But in subconscious,It is considered to be high.、King、Fairy king……
Polar,This is the ultimate!
Natural powerful。
Summer I thought about left fish。
She is just a strong division soul,Or the second yuan of cultivation。
So……What kind of level is her body?。
Huangsham,Hills,Summer is a long time。
Five thousand years,He has confidence to practice。
Three days later,Summer speed has deepened the land of another half of the planet。
He began to become careful。
Construction of Western Star Field,Killing extreme,Being killing by the other three star fields。
That’s not white。
It is said that the construct there,Every martial art has passed。
All are the strong people who have grinded in battle and killing。
This time, the http://www.lixinhuwai.cnnight Ji is killing the mission.,Can be said to be an adventure。