Friday, March 31

“I can have a happiness in the village,I am looking for a happy forgetting to go home.。I have to talk about them.,Every day,Awareness。”Su Badu said his face。

Sujia people still feel that it is not like this late.,Have no sound。
Everyone is sitting quietly at the table.,Atmosphere is somewhat subtle。
Sujia this habit is very good,Waiting for a family to eat together,Children are no exception。Not arrested, what food does not speak。
Every time I eat, Niu Niu, I feel special and atmosphere.,In addition to eating a little,Others are very good。
Have a better
“no,I still go out to find it.,What is wrong with it?。”Daurother gets up from the seat,Take a filtered skirt。
“Let’s go together to find it.,Don’t worry。”
Ye Yapian’s face revealed,It should be a little earlier.,If so, what happened to people。
Speech,I heard the hospital door“boom——”A sound。
Then, it is the crying of the tiger.
“This child is awkward.,It is often not a very heart.。I don’t cry very much.,How do you cry today?。It’s not really a matter.!”
Everyone got it up to the yard.,Su Xiaoyama is not too convenient to come behind the girl.
Go out,I saw the tiger’s cry.,Other three people are also unable to blame and regret。
May be a little older,I feel crying,I have never been crying.。This will see the family.,I finally couldn’t help but start moving tears.。
Su family, you see me.,I see you,I don’t know what happened.。
This body is complete,I don’t see it, I am bullied.!I’m crying so sad.!
“little girl~little girl~~Niu Niu lost~NS~~Wow~~”Tiger, crying, not licking,Words are not clear。
Niu Niu just took the door out of the threshold,I heard I lost myself.。
And their few people crying,No one looks up at all,I didn’t pay attention to Niu Niu standing in front of them.。
“Niu Niu is at home?!”
Sujia’s adults are confused,I do not know how it is。Tiger, they cry, not like a fool,But Niu Niu is indeed at home.。
“Don’t you say that Niu Niu is lost?!?”
Soudian’s other three kids immediately looked up with a girl,Then a face angry toward the tigerwate。
Harm, we follow tears,Lose people!The anger in the eyes of the other three can’t control it.!
Tirah was hooked,I forgot to cry in my moment.,When I look up, I saw the girl and others’ response.,He cried more fierce。
“Niu Niu did not lose,I won’t kill me.。”
Su Yuqing clearly took the Niu Niu away.。It may be that the tiger will rush to play.,I didn’t listen to it.,After playing out, I saw a girl, I didn’t cry.。
The four brothers are looking for a good look.,I haven’t found it,I don’t dare to go home,Fear
Later, I couldn’t hit it.,How can I know that Niu Niu has been home.,I still have fun.
NS8chapter Chicken
Su Jiaren saw the child and crying yet.,Hurry to wipe, let them eat on the table.。
Tiger, I’m gotting, I’m gotting with my heart.,Just behind the grief。