Friday, March 31

Zhou Zhiwei walks forward。

The little girl is followed behind,A small bag of strawberries,She also ignores the movement of Nange,Only immersed in small satisfaction。
At the door of the bedroom,They actually encountered a bisquey。
These days‘Colorful hot pot video’、‘Hot pot girl is putting a post behind the 苑’、‘The hot pot girl who sells the postcard is walked by the security guard.’、‘Hot pot girls are stall again’、‘Hot pot girl continues to be 撵’、‘The hot pot girl was continuously secured three times, still insisting on stalls.,Some iron’and‘Hot pot girl small lucky cat’Waiting for the school post、The message on the top of the forum appears,The popularity of buns has also become very high.。While bringing business to small booths,Appearance、She also attracted a lot of male attention.。Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge also discussed whether the little cousin can take this time。
However they think……Most。
This boys are smarter than the previous one.,His reason is‘I want to buy some postcards again.’、‘Waiting for the new postcard, I want to see and buy it for the first time.,And summer vacation can also be bought’、‘I really like the photo of the bag.’and many more……
However, the buns are too troublesome.——I have to send pictures in space or friends.,Also send people。
She still likes to sit on that play to eliminate music.,Postcards on the stalls become less,The money in the account has changed,Waiting for success or fail, she touches a group……
But because the boy’s face is thick enough,He is still successfully added to the buns.QQ,Take a small number of business。
As for later,Zhouzhi is not optimistic。
I do my own brother,Just send this girl,If you don’t take her to eat milk tea,She is very few,Or reply is a short one or two words,Changer。
Back to bedroom。
Zhou Handed a sugar cane to Liu Zhengming,Just sit down and turn on the computer,Open Google and have a translation。
suddenly,His phone rang。
Ms. Ji sent him a voice.。
He gets it to the ear.,Listening to Ms.:“I have been optimistic about the house in Chunming.,Not far from you,Can your school still have a closed state??”
Depth:But I am going to have a holiday.
after awhile,She also sent a message:I bring them over.
Depth:I won’t be jealous.
mother:You can also eat a little
Depth:Have time I can see them
mother:A few days ago, I gave my sister to your photo.,She said that you have a handsome,Wrap I want your WeChat
Depth:real or fake?
Depth:Do she use WeChat?
Depth:how old is she
I thought about it for a while.,Typing:You let her add me.