Friday, March 31

“So heavy injury on you,You can’t get it well.?!”Chong secretary helplessly stopped the action of 危。

危,I still want to get up。
only,After all, it is a sick number.,Even if the body is basic to recover,It is still weak in the end,Where is the opponent of the body is still strong?
373、The owner should help me charging.29
危 危 轻 很 被‘subdue’,Because of struggle,Behind the wound crack,Hey, there is a layer of dense cold sweat.。
Chong secretary is irritated.:“okay!You look like this,I want to let her protect you.,Or you protect her??!”
“and,When Yunqin walked, he said.,Let you seriously,If she came back, I found that your wound did not improve.,Or deteriorate,Let you wait!”
“Moreover,I don’t even know that Yunqin is going to go.,You can know a coma for more than half an hour.?!”
“you say,Do you want to go??!”
Finish,Chong secretary‘up to you,I do not care’Look。
After listening to the risk, I finally stopped struggling.,Silence of lips。
really,He is now in this situation,Go wrong,Maybe she needs to take care of it.。It is what he wants to be of course.。
Low 危 沉 沉,Soon, I will pick up my emotions.。
“Secretary,I want to go to the main control room。”Treatment and strong sense of Chong Secretary。
Note 危 two seconds,Chong secretary sighs a breath,I know that this is not a danger.,Anyway, people have awakened,The doctor also said that as long as he heales wound.,Then let people go.!
then,The Hall of Heaven and Chong secretary went to the main control room together.。
I have been paying close attention to the squad.,Immediately report the current situation。
“The signal of the old Huo has been stable,And always move,Third team five teams have already rushed。only,The signal stopped in a place five minutes ago.,I haven’t moved now.,Now I suddenly changed the direction to continue,Signal may have been found,And removed。”
certainly,He didn’t say it is,The tracker may be changed,Or change the moving object,Three teams of five teams,The next thing to find someone is more difficult.。
“Does the three teams of the third team??”Chong secretary asked。
Toddle:“Have notified。”
What is the secretary of Chong secret?,The small soldiers before another monitoring screen are excited.。 “Commander,2 tracker is activated,Find the nail·Ferril’s position!”
This,Even the dangers that have never been talking will go to the screen.。
“where?!Take it quickly!”
Only see,The second screen small fingers are tapped,A screen displayed quickly appeared on the display。
Looking at the signal on the screen,抿 抿 抿:“It is Yunqin who found the nail.·Ferril?”
His heart is still worried。Although the nail·Feill leaves,Retaining people around him and dealing with him and Yunqin,But there must be more than a dozen of his side.。
now,Although I know that Yun Qin is still followed by a lot of strength.,But is worried or not from autonomous?。
“Yun Qin’s signal is the nail·Felier special customized,Only in the nailmile·Ferrill will be activated,so,Should be touched by the nail·Felil is right。”Chong secretary explains。
In order to not be discovered in order not to let the signal,So use all trackers that limit the high conditions,Thus,Signal is difficult to be activated,It means that the probability of being discovered is lowered.,To a certain extent, you can guarantee Yunqin’s safety.。
I know that Yunqin they may have already told the Hailmer.·Ferrier,The concerns among the customs are not reduced。
People in the island lurking for a long time,Heimo·Ferril’s contact is actually a lot.,Of course, Ken Mo knows·Ferril has more metamorphosis。
Silence two seconds,危 定 的 看 看 道:“teacher,There should be a repair warehouse on the empty battles.,I need a strongest effect。”
“”The might of respect is surprised,A thoughts,It is like understanding why the rival is asking for this。
“You think about it.?To know,Repair warehouse can quickly restore your body to the best state,but,After this,Your body will be more weak than now,Worse。”
The pen of the rigorous body is straight,Even serious rude。
“Yes!I know。”