Friday, March 31

Whenever you have a chess,There will be this percentage on the chess.,Like some kind of charging progress bar。

It may also be the current winning rate。
This is an unprecedented experience,Thought is light,The soul seems to be integrated with the surrounding moon。
Maybe this time,This feeling will disappear,The number of percentages hides,But it doesn’t matter,The next chance is more,He will always arrive again in this field one day.。
So,It’s time,The end of the end of the end。
The arc of the child is drawn from the air,Then I opened a robbery in the most corner of the place.!
“really,But Dragon,Must be robbed!”
Luzhou’s face is briefly twitching two times,But it is not too weak to raise the chess pieces.!
——Don’t look at me?!
The Based Daughter has started the final anti-fall!
However——Ke Lang has seen the ending!
Away in the dark labyrinth,I finally arrived at the end of victory.!
Find a robbery,832!
Percentage of numbers is increasing,Dragon on the chessboard is also crazy to punch!
One of the head of the Lordora broke!
Corona has stepping on the pace of shaking the ground。
The second head of Kissora is also smashed.!
The Evil’s eyes are extremely,He uses the greatest effort to the bottom of the board,That is, the place where the battle was initially shot, took a ghostless all road.,This is the last message he is prepared.。
In the initial31、39Double gluten,He will save the last energy in here.,It’s time to detonate.。
“Long robbery,The robusts between the two sides have been exhausted.,But at this time,Black chess puts the chess pieces here,It seems to be confused” “Useless!”A small declaration is radiated from the score,At this moment, his entire person’s painting has become a plagified line.。
“This is a robbery!”
everything,Both in his change,On the map of the labyrinth export,This step is marked by a list,Impressed the horrible banner of the hoe。
Robbery,Then a little flying to all the way,Cut the darkness of the deepest!
This,Another ghost,Step up and get the stunned chess,Not only have visual effects,More actual effect,In the future, people ‘s evaluation is definitely a ghost dragon.、The flying knife is hurting,And this game is also destined to be loaded into his name spectrum.。
Boi Liguo just wants this word to describe this hand chess。