Thursday, June 1

“be punished?”

Black people who have been in the sky,Seem,Listening to a different kind of unclear。
Mask,He laughed,“Since this,I don’t bully.,Calculate you for a hundred years,Take the effect, especially。”
what!!Fall into the voice,Summer and Gogan are all discolored。
Suppression of a hundred years?
How to do this!More than six years,Watupuades who have to be held。
Whether you are still in the summer,Have a delay。
Suppress,Not simply grab it back to get off。
But it will lock two meridians,Don’t even practice。
“senior,When I was caught in the past,It’s all penalty some gods……I am a pulse,This is sneak,Just rush back to the Thousand Years,I beg my seniors……”Gogjian is anxious,Can only move out your own identity。
However——Black people don’t move。
He,“I know that you are a must,I also know,You are called Gogjian.,Inheriting the Holy King inheritance in the five-bedroom mountain。”
Gobian Hawran。
Black man,“The identity of the pole and one pulse is not used here.,As for your holy king……Ah,Well, you are still not the Holy King now,It is really cultivating the Holy King,It is just a backward and late generation.,Be afraid。”
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Black man’s words,Let the Jianxin sink,Uncomfortable。
Implicit disdain in the other party,Let him feel a little humiliating,If you can,He really wants to sword before。
but,The gap between the two sides is too big.。
He can’t do it again.,Even if there is anything else,Also I have to endure。
“I beg my seniors!”
Gogjian deeply,Loudly,“I beg my seniors!”
Black people don’t speak。
Even no more。
Instead, focus on the summer。
He suddenly smiled and said a word.。
“Little friend,Are you not called Wang Wei?,When is the name called summer?。”
boom!Short sentence,But like a thunder in the summer brain。
Fried his face,A blank brain,Rumbling。
Summer is like lightning strikes,Have a mistake,Full face is not credible with black people,Balt,Eye-catching……“Hahaha……”Look at him so discure,Black man suddenly laughed.,Laughter,I can’t say a happy and happy。
Summer is staying。
Gogjian stunned。
The Tianfang, the sky, the sky, will be full of stupid eyes.。
“I didn’t expect to meet so soon.,Alone……Well,Not how long,Calculate,The road covers a forty years in the past,in this case,The lower bound is only fifteen years,Click one’s tongue,Xiaoji reallys the sky,Short fifteen years,Also reached this level……”Speech,He stepped forward,As if the transient appears in the summer,Summer up and down。
“good,very good,Let it go,Since it comes to my site,I don’t have the landlord,I am afraid I can’t say it.。”
Summity suddenly returning,Gossip the same,Some uncertainty,“you are……”“You can guess。”
Black people smile,“Guess,I can send you a gift。”
Summer brows,The mind is still chaotic。