Thursday, June 1

Since it is in the most exclusive encounter,She also chose to welcome the love,Not negative,Not meet!

Two people holding the hand down,The car in the nearby supermarket is bought near the car.。
Two people went to 40 minutes,Finally full load,Underground garage,Han Yuxuan opened the car to another road。
Blue Qiqi,Some doubts,“Yuxuan,This is not the way back to your home.,Where are you going??”
Han Yuxuan laughs:“Go to buy a cake。”
Blue Qiqi looked at himself,Breathless,“Han Yuxuan,Do you think I am thin now??”
Han Yuxuan honest opening:“Thin,Fat point again。”
Blue Qiqi:“……”This is very familiar with this。“But I don’t want to lose weight,One but beyond my height range,I have to get up early to swim.,I have to be pulled by Grandpa.,I am now right now.。”She doesn’t want to eat cake at night.,Occasional mothers will give her some pastries

“Can’t,Do not eat,I also eat fried chicken tonight this evening.,I will definitely get fat to be fat tomorrow.,Go back to go back,Don’t tempt to me。”Blue Qiqi persists,Do you lose weight to sleep??
First2128Chapter Let us fall in love.6
Han Yuxuan laughed,Watching her insist,There is no cake shop,Instead, I bought some fruit in the nearby fruit store.。
They are blue and love, Blue Qiqi did not stop him。
Two times,There are more than thinking about things that are mentioned in the car.。
Blue Qiqi:“How many days,How much did we choose two??”
Han Yuxuan laughed,“Kiki,Not much,Don’t move,I sent things into the elevator。”I will always come over again.,He can’t wait to move all the good things.,Let her want something?。
Blue Qiqi looked at him to move a few times,I didn’t listen to his stood.,Instead, I follow him together.,Two people are very fast,After moving into the elevator,Han Yuxuan took her in。
Look at the things on the ground,He smiled satisfied,“Kiki,You said that we have married,Can you often go out to go shopping like this??”
He is really looking forward to。
“Ah,Marry,Oh,Yes,Not……Knot……Do we not get worse, don’t we go shopping together??”Some words whispering Lan Qi。
Marriage is for her,In fact, it is not early.,In the eyes of mother,She has reached the age of being a child.。
She suddenly flashed a inexplicable idea in her mind,She will not grow very beautiful with Han Yuxuan’s children.,Be very beautiful,Because they are very beautiful。
呜呜 呜呜……
Can’t think,Recently, Han Yuxuan, I can’t help but think about it.,What is the problem?,What is the stasis of hormones in vivo?,She is not to look at the hospital.。
Han Yuxuan looked at her shy look,The mouth has been rising,Take her hand and move it to her waist,Tight embrace her。
Blue Qi is shy,Naturally did not detect his little action。
The elevator stops in the 20th floor,Han Yuxuan first held her out,Then start moving things down the elevator。
“Kiki,I bought some books for you.,In the bookcase,You sometimes come over if you feel boring, you can read the book.。”
Blue Qiqi,Looking down at a few books in the plastic bag,Surprise:“When did you buy a book??”
Han Yuxuan laughed,“When you go to the bathroom。 ”