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“This.?”Qing Palace picks up headphones,Slight smile。

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NS64chapter Exploration and thinking
“so,What do you have to do with me??”Standing at the door of a similar residential tower,The Qing Dynasty is looked at the inside of the Qing Dynasty.,Determine if no one is taking this,I went in。
“What is this??”Meiqin said unresponsible,“Do you say that there is no building??”
“What is said,Even if there is no building,This is good, it’s not good for girls’ dormitory.?”Qinggong laughs,“Moreover,Is there anything can’t be directly said??”
“no。”Meiqin’s brow wrinkle,Not compromise。
“so,Let’s take a sick.!”Sakan pushed the door to a apartment,Go straight to go。
“Sorry for disturbing you。”The black child said with a word.,Then close the door。
“really sorry,I still have trouble.……Qing Palace?”Enter into the room,Just see the first spring surprised to lift the head,Looking at the Qing Palace。
“The guy in Yumu has to take me.。”The Qing Palace is smirk in the early spring,“Sorry。”
“it’s nothing。”In the early spring laugh,“Our school’s dormitory is like this,No one specially managed,Just like renting the house,Free。”
“I was at the time of the school.,The dormitory is not like this。”The Qing Palace is slightly envious,Laugh,“but,That is the past.。373Spend,I still burn it.。”
“Hey?”The Meiqin on the side is first,Subsequent,“I see,Can you feel it?。”
“This is also the reason I didn’t oppose the guys of Yumu Xue.!”Sky squeezed with the Meiqin,Laugh in the road,Then I suddenly think of what I think.,Turning through the head, I said to the Qing Palace.,“That,Can a senior have to use the ability to let the first spring burned back??”
“no。”The Qing Palace shakes his head,“If you just physically alert, I can do it.,Even I can keep the body temperature of the first spring in normal state,But this is no help to her condition.,Human body like a precision machine,In the event of a problem,What to do is to check the problem and solve,Instead of letting it work hard。but,”Speaking of which,Qing laughed in the Qing Dynasty,“If it is a person who has caused the body temperature to fall to death for too much.,My ability is to play a role。”
“This way.。”Sakuo slightly disappointed,Subsequently laughed and said,“It seems that the ability is not when it can be used.!”
“Be right。”Qinggong smile,“Have a lot of time,Ability is not everything,Although this is a powerful city,But if you only look at the kind of boring thing,Then there is no difference between the hydraulic press that is increasing to pursue strength.!”Say,The summit of the Qing Palace against the first spring,Suddenly, I feel that it is a cool feeling from the forehead.,Can’t help but snort。
“This is better than ice towels.。”Qing laugh smile,“Although I can’t help her a fever,But this level,Still no problem.!”
“You are really useful.。”Looking at the back of the Qing Palace,Meiqin can’t help but pick your eyebrows,Laugh,“I didn’t expect that the summer can cool.,Can there be this place?……”
“I don’t want to be said to be said with a human motor.。”The Qing Palace turned over white eyes,“Don’t describe me like a walking air conditioner as good??”
“puff!”Heard this sentence,The black child sprayed out,Unbelievable。
“feel1eve1 5There is no distance between the power between the power.。”Sagitian is doing rice porridge to the early spring,Said smile,“The school leader and the Yuman sister of the Qing Dynasty are close.。”
“He is just a stupid.。”Heard this sentence,Meiqin does not hesitate to Tucao。
“Yes,My sister is often chanting.。”Side of the whisper of the blackman。
“Can’t match!”Meiqin is shouting,I pinched my face,And the black man is a face enjoyment。
“correct,Baijing classmate。”At this moment,The first spring on the bed lifted the head,Looking at the black child drinking tea,There is no concern,“about‘Void explosion’Is there any progress??”
“Can be said,Can also say no。”The black child has drank a tea,Sigh,“At present, I only find out that the prisoner is1eve1 2Abortion,Can appear from the destructive force,That is impossible。and,”Hezie said this,Slightly tone slightly,“This actual power and library records are not only once.。”
“Will it be recently improved,And the library has not been to record.?”Meiqin took a tea,Asked。
“Even if there is one two, you can understand,But how can there be so much??”The buzz is helpless to see your own sister.,“and,Crossing levels are more than one。What is the secondary school??”Speaking of which,She turned her head and looked at the Qing Palace.,Look serious。
“Why do you ask this guy?。”Meiqin’s mouth。
“Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to have problems.。”Qing Palace thinks for a while,Turning off the music of your mobile phone,Take a headset,Looking up and watching Meiqin,“You are like me,Also from1eve1 1All the way,I ask you,you from1eve1 1Rising to1eve1 5,How many years have been used?”
“More than five years。”Meiqin thought for a while,The face is out of the face.,“Calculate from the ability to open,I am 12 years old.,It should be more than five years,About 6 years。”
“IM about the same。”Qing Dynasty nodded,“If i remember correctly,When I met you three years ago, you1eve1 3Count,To upgrade to you1eve1 5Used for about a year and a half,So you tell me,you are1eve1 3How long has been card??”
“long time。”Meiqin nodded,“In fact,Time for nearly two years,I have no way to1eve1 3improve to1eve1 4,Always in the accumulation stage,I am from1eve1 4Rising to1eve1 5I haven’t used it for so long.。”
really,The Qing Palace is dark and sighed.,What to say,It should be the body of Meiqin itself,Can be upgraded to1eve1 5of‘Quality’,And she just slowly opens the quality.,Otherwise, there will be no one in the US piano or1eve1 1When you see herdnaMap。
“All of us is so,You can think of it.。”Put down concern,Qinggang re-raised his head,Look to Sky Spring and Black,“Each year is a physical examination,The frequency of the library update will be much higher than this time,You feel,There will be many people depending on itself in a short period of time.?”
“No。”Three people shook their heads together。