Friday, March 31


Bun,Punish watching him,The eyes stay on the group of sleeping in his arms,Immediately moved to the back of the classroom。
This kind of public class is a good class.,Schoolroom,Far away。And it is a step classroom,Uphill。
“Can you let me touch the group??”
“Can not。”
After I finished, she sat down in the first row.,Overlap,And turn on the book。
Zhouzhi exposed regret:“I also said that we went to eat at noon.,After you have finished buying a cup of milk tea, drink it?。”
“Please be sure to ask me next get out of class.。”
“I am waiting for you here.。”
Baozi deeply frown,Look at the vulnerable turnover,Think about it,Weak question:“Not sitting with you……Do you have milk tea??”
Baozi closed the book。
Zhouzhi also nodded,Go behind。
Always go to the last two rows,He picked a large corner of the front people.,Can block them very well。
Place the table,This slag cat actually didn’t wake up,Lying on the table with a straight position,Only white small fluffy belly,Four small paws are naturally attached to the body,The front row seat is just blocking her little figure。
Seeing her sleeping so peaceful,People’s hearts are not stable from autonomous。
This slag cat is running again last night.,And the dormitory is complex,She also ran especially,The sequelae is how to toss her during the day, she will not wake up.。
So why should she take her class??
Zhou put the pen on her belly。
Small slag cat holder!
Zhou Zhiji,I feel very satisfied,This cute love thing is that there is a kind of magic that makes people feel good.。
The buns are sitting on the side with a sunny light.。
Class bell。
Female teacher came in,It is the one who was blinded last week.。
Come in the first thing,That is to sweep the classroom,Especially the first few rows。Did not find someone you want to find,She looked up behind,After a few seconds, she lowered the multimedia controller.,I started class.,I don’t know if I have found buns.。
Zhou turn to a little bit,See the buns and sneak around the group,Cough two,Mint desktop reminder her:
“Seriously listen to class。”