Friday, March 31

He even stupid,Can also see it,Although the road did not say anything from beginning to end,But it is very obvious to express one thing.。

His so-called billow,In fact, it is a fake!
I think here,He can’t hate to tear the summer life.。
If there is no guy mixing,Even if the road is old, it is a fake,I am afraid that I will not expose.,And my own purpose is also achieved.。
Both this bastard!
Some people are like this,Be worse than,Strict,I am always right.,Wrong is always someone else。
Jin Aolong is obviously this kind of person。
He never thought,If he wants to have a humiliation in summer,Not today’s situation。
Suddenly you feel,Look down,But I saw it in the summer and looked at myself.。
Why,Jinborong’s heart。
“Flush,Anyway, your painting is a fake.,But the paper is authentic cinnabed paper.,You don’t mind writing it above.?”
Jin You Rong Pao Horn,Strongly squeeze the smile,“Don’t mind。”Said to transfer the topic,“Summer or hurry,We all have some can’t wait.。”
Summer laughing,Stretching the brush from the old hand,汁,Toned,Say,“Road old,I don’t have the skill of the master,Can only force the mentality of his painting,Laugh。”
Put down。
Pen walking dragon snake。
One font jumps in the upper left corner of the painting。
Just the first word,The old look is very changed,stunned,surprise,Shock……The last face is excited。
“Chaotic smoke。”
“Flow fire,Human chaos。”
“Sword rushing,Blood dyed Jiangshan。”
The font is powerful,Force,Silver hook,Pen, such as a cloud。
This moment of summer,The look is unprecedented and dignified,Every word is written,He is like exhausted whole body strength。
soon,His forehead is faintly seeing,Under the guidance of mysterious energy,The force of qi and blood is incorporated into the font with his emotional thinking.。
Surrounded by。
I don’t know when it is completely quiet.。