Thursday, June 1

“”Yun Qin。

alright,After all, it is still a child.,Emotional control capacity is not high,But the mountains will always want to understand!
He Qian International。
Yin Bai gives Jioguan Chen report completed the schedule,No other arrangements in the morning,Be out,I was called by Jioguang Chen.。
“correct,Yesterday, you told me the brand, I saw this matter.,I think light watching photos,I can’t see clearly.,The spokesperson itself is bonded。”
“Is there two candidates??Let the two come to the company,Try to shoot a few times and decide the final candidate of the spokesperson。”Jikong Chen’s side of the file,As if you don’t have something wrong。
Narrate,Yin Yinxin,Nodded in the face:“good,I will notify us.,Let two candidates come to a company,Try shooting poster。”
What trial photo,Dictionary is that someone will immediately appear in front of him.!
Of course, Yin Bai saw it without saying,Convected the meaning of the Jioguan morning,only,Yin Baiwan did not expect,Transfer to Yunqin Ears,Trying will become a determination of cooperation。
Thinking is a test shoot,Let Ham go to finalize the contract first,Processing house,She immediately passed。
then,When the Jioguan morning, I thought that I can see Yunqin before lunch.,I heard the news that the two spokesperses have arrived.,Out of place of patrol companies,Prepare when you encounter Yunqin,It’s found to find it.,Yunqin did not appear!
——Sixth floor studio。
“what?!Try?Doesn’t it say a contract??”Hamr is shocked。
Recipient staff and Yan Yue:“gentlemen,What we notice is really just a test photo,As for the final spokesperson,Not sure。”
“We notify Miss Maryka himself,I want to have any misunderstandings between the two,You can make a call to Miss Marka to confirm。”
Maryka is the name of Yunqin’s abroad.。
Micro-service private visits to visit a circle at the door,I haven’t seen the person I want to see.,See a circle of people here,Go forward。
“what happened?”
Ham turned,See the Jikong Chen,The more you look at your eyes.。
This person’s body,Improper model is really a pity!
“Aspect,This is Maryka’s broker,Hamm,When the person of our company is notified, it is clear that it is just the test.,But maybe Maryka has just returned to China,Understand,Maryka thought that we identified the spokesperson,Only let the agent to sign the contract,I have not arrived.。”And Qian’s staff explained。
“It turned out to be Ji-General!Aspect,I’m sorry,When you receive your company’s call notice,Marka is still falling,Maybe you can listen to,I am calling Maryka.!”
Hamm attitude is extremely good,Say,Take out the phone to call Yunqin’s phone。
A very good person,Hamm has always had the greatest friendship.。
Just a pity,Basically, what is going on?,There is not so good temper.!
The phone rang twenty seconds,Be turned on。Hamm has not come yet and said a word with Yunqin,The complexion of the binary morning is extended by Hamm.。
“Give me your phone。”
Small album,It seems that it is very powerful,Tone,Hammergel,I only feel strong oppression。
What total handsome guy,How to see this eye,Like you to give him a big unloading eight.?!!
Have a peaceful thing to see,Face each other,Very curious。
Over the phone,Yunqin’s speech makes Ham to return instant。
“Oh,That,that,Yun Qin,And Qian Group’s book is always talking to you.。”
Aspect?Jikong Chen?!
Originally thought that at least waited until afternoon, there may be a chance to see the Jinchen Yunqin who was in the morning.,Reaction quickly。
“good,You give him a call.。”