Thursday, June 1

“real?”Wang Flow and Zhang Xiaoying are in the same way to confirm the road。

Wang Fang is a little bit:“real,Now seeing his people,I have been married after I have been married, and I have been divorced.。”
child,divorce……What you think is long?……Wang Flow,But she is not wrong.,Her character,If it is not this accident,She is really likely to go to the steps of marriage and born.。
Waiting for the child, look at him again.,That’s more trouble.,Even if the marriage can be left,But the child is in a lifetime.。
Compared to below,Still now, the quick knife is simple.。
“You can think about it.,In the future, I will tell my brother.,Brother help you solve。”
“knew,Thank you。”Wang Fang is sweet and smile,Readily。
According to the original idea of Wang,It is intended to let Wang Fang live more than two days at home.,Waiting for the emotion to go back to school。
But Wang Fang is recovering than imagining,Also say that he is nothing.,I only live for a long time.,I went back to school next morning.。
Looking at the look,It seems that there is no difference with the past,But the king will feel,How much is a little sad and low in her heart?,The first love is so late.,No one can relieve it so quickly。
Just may not let the king are worried,Maybe it may not be sympathy,Be careful to hide your emotions.。
But since she doesn’t want to say,The king is not poked,Everyone needs their own space,Excessive intervention is oppressed,The final thing is willing to violate,Sorctivity is from her.。
Handling Wang Fang,Wang Liu also returned to the company,Start normal work。
Just arrived in the office,Sun achieved:“Total Wang,The opening ceremony planning plan for the provincial city Hongxing Square is made.,Take a look。”
Said a program。
Wang traffic passed,Look down。
This is the first thing that he will explain from the provincial city.,Dedicated National Day,Leaves less than a month,I have to hurry up the program first.。
I have been planned at the Nanhua project before.,Accumulate,This plan is very fast,The effect is also good。
Always similar to the last scheme,It’s just a footpin on the provincial city project.,I also deliberately add a waist drum tour activity.,Used to enhance site atmosphere,And publicity promotion、Attract popularity。
in addition,The last time I invited the star platform, the effect is good.,Attractive popular burst,Take the sweetness,This time, I also invited the star to come over.。
Is it just the last four?,But it is replaced with Li Yapeng and Xu Qing.c。
Last year, Lu Yihong’s purple,This year《Swordsman》,Although the word of mouth is not good,Because the original changes are too large,Starting from the broadcast,I was suffered from the media、Film-commenteders and collective shells of many netizens,Almost from the end,But the entertainment circle……Black powder is also traffic,It is also a topic。
The higher the heat of the being, the higher the heat,The higher the ratio is also。
In the entertainment circle,The traffic is Wang Dao,Just look like Li Yapeng,It’s also a red fried chicken.,There is no two winds.。
Xu Qing as a heroine,Similar oil powder countless。
TV drama Wang Dynasty also saw,feeling good,There is no rotten rather,Instead, it is a classic classic.。
certainly,It may also be related to him.。
Anything else,Two people are now popular in unobtrusive,Have him coming over the platform,It is also enough。
“not bad,Let’s execute it.。”The king will give the program return to Sun Cheng,First。
“Yes。”Sun Cheng nodded。