Friday, March 31

Lin ring is ready to use the fire to completely burn the ghost,But his pure yang is getting thinner。

伥 伥 没 没 没 自己 自己。
“Hahaha!Do you know what to poison in the old guy??It is the world’s first odd poison,Even if Jin Dan is lying down。”
The ghost comes out from the fire,It looks like a wolf,Gray face,It is much more than that of the forest.。
Elephant is worried:
“It seems that the seniors must die in the hand of the mountain.。”
The fox is not loving.,It is more concerned。
Lin looked closer to the ghost,Inner heart is a bit anxious。
I am afraid it is a bit late.。
no,Can’t die in a stunned hand。
correct,Three-headed arm can be said。
Lin loud to reduce the boat,Sanitary hexapper。
When he grows three heads,After the ghost, the next step,Immediately laugh:
“Even if you use the way。Hua Long must experience the intake period of these thirties days。”
Lin rang after the three-arms,In addition to the body’s head weakness,The remaining two heads are good。
Controls the body by these two heads,It is also enough to deal with the ghost.。
“you,what’s wrong with you?”
“Ha ha!The dead does not match the secret。Die。”
Spitting the sword in your mouth,Directly。
It retracts after connecting。
It’s too surprised.,It can be used to avoid thirtie days in this way.。
This person reminds it。
Sudden《Ruyi》From another head。
Because the ghosts are in the sword,Not noticed at all。
when《Ruyi》Piercing the moment of 伥 伥,It returns to God。
Just a moment of hesitation,Lin Ren’s sword directly puts the ghost。
The colorful foxes see the mountain god to die,A little smoke run。
It decided to be far away,This place cannot stay.。
Lin ringing,Pumper the sword from the ghost body。
“I use your master’s merits to eradicate http://www.jiubaisong.cnyour forgive little person.。”
“Ha ha ha ha!Villain?ridiculous。”
伥 伥 踉踉 跄跄 靠 树,Resentful staring。
Why?It doesn’t understand。
One palm shot on your head: