Thursday, June 1

Weisheng came to Chiraby,Preparing for the body, what is said?。

“Chiraby adult。。。。”
Chiraby grabbed the hand of Webbby in an instant to press him on the ground.。
“Hanker,I want to deceive this uncle, you are still,Eight tails say something on your body”Chiraby said。
“what happened!Doesn’t he hung?”The rest of the Ninja exclaimed,Also came to Chilabi’s side。
“Hey-hey,you caught me,But you are mine.”Pressed on the ground,Despite the body can’t move,But still smile。
Chiraby brow wrinkle,Instantly pull out a knife,I am going to be strong.。
Obviously the other party is ready。
Chiraby body,Looking down, look at your chest,A sharp black rod was broken in his body.。
And there is no blood.,But Chiraby felt that Chakra disorder in his body。
Even the control of the body can’t do it.。
When he wants to make eight tail。
It is a few shorts inserted into his body.,Then he was stiff and fell on the ground.。
And just held by him, the Weidou standing up.。
“Who are you?”Chiraby said。
“hehe,Who will you know soon?”Saidao said with a smile。
Chiraby is perfect.,It is what he wants to take it directly and also take a job.,And here is Yun Yin,If the movement is too large。
Failure to catch Chilabi in time,I’m troubled by Spring.。
Chiraby is in the arrest of the long door,Also escaping the life。
And his strength is only more than the long door.。
Weisheng looked at the ninja where they stood there.,In an instant, the Ninja twisted his neck.,Go on the ground。
“You control him”Chiraby looked at the ninja of the falling ground。
“Not like this, how can you let you relax your vigilance?,Be unfair,Now I have to take you away.”The Hand is placed on Chilabi’s body.。
Then two people disappear instantly。
For a long time,A ninja came here,I found the Ninja in the ground,And Chilabi is gone.。
He just exclaimed,Hurry up and see,I have already died。
After that, he took a horror.,Quick leave here。
It didn’t take long after he left.,Yun Yin’s ninja is fully dispatched,Constant search around the village。
“Thunder。。。。”A ninja ran into the Lei Ying Office。
“Haven’t found yet?”Four generations of Lei Ying hurriedly asked。
That Ninja shook his head。
“Damn!”Four generations of Lei Yingyi smashed the desk。
Time has been so long,Haven’t found yet,That Chilaby should be fierce.。
He also regrets why you don’t have a little bit,I haven’t been sent to Qilai to Quan.。
“Send a message to the sky parliament,I also go to a trip.”The four generations of Lei Ying said。