Friday, March 31

槐 序 下 下 下,Under the conference:“I seem to have smelled……paste……Tiger skin green pepper。”

“You are wrong.。”
序 表 不。
Zhouzhi will put the big one in front of him,A small plate is preparing to the demon。
The little demon is more polite than an old monster,He closes two short paws,Whim:“It’s so embarrassed.,Not only disturbing the people and the people and the nine people,Also worried about your heart,Thank you very much.。”
Zhou Zhi also smiled slightly:“you’re welcome。”
He went to the kitchen side.,This is his own。
The fried egg is really ambiguous。
The fried egg is to be focused.,Similarly,Make a confused。
Zhouzhi bites a sip of fried egg,Looking at the group two three times jumped on the table,On the side of the tissue to move to his tray,He gently pushed her in the group.。
“The group is trying to taste。”
“this is mine。”
“槐,Give a group adult。”
“You have a beef can, why don’t you eat??”槐 序 了,But still awarded a group。
“Meow meow meow~~”
After the group is finished, it said that there is no canned canned.,But seeing Zhouzi to eat happy,She must also eat,Also said that other children are like this.。
After eating,槐 and 周 去 洗,The group continued to look at the animal world on the sofa。
The little demon organized several languages in their hearts.,I finally came to the edge of the kitchen.,Express your gratitude to them again.,Zhou Zhi and 槐 sects feel that he has been safe.,I agree with him to leave.。
“If he comes again,You will come directly to find me.。”
“Thank you for the neighborhood。”
A small demon 嘭 is a light smoke,Fly from the outside of the window。
Wash the bowl,Zhouzhi pick up the book。
There is a book reading this morning.,This teacher is tall,But the name is also very diligent。
He just prepared to go out,The group suddenly called him.,Has full of expectation and sharing——
“The big people did a dream last night.。”
“Dreaming?”Turn away。
“Dreaming that the group of people ran to the deep sea,Play with a lot of fish。”The group is bright。
“That must be very fun。”Circumference。
“Yes!Super fun!”
“But the group is a cat.,How can I ran to the sea??”Zhouzhi time question。
“The group of people worn in aerospace clothes 喔!”
“Can the essential suit can be used in the sea??”
“OK。”The group thought about it.,I added another sentence to persuade the week.,“It is possible。”
“This way.。”
“And the sea is still very black.!”
“What is the adult??”
“The group of people took the handset。”
“Is it a small cat??”Zhou Zhiyuan outlined in his mind and turned into a small cat mother wearing a picture of a seminated diving,Hand holding a flashlight with a bunch of light,Surround around a variety of strange、beautiful、Shiny submarine organism。