Thursday, June 1

Summer is not hidden,Take one by one by one of the states and sentiments that break through the realm。

In this time,Dragon is also inserting a two sentence from time to time.。
When he finished,It’s been ten o’clock in the evening.。
Be silent。
Dragon is not saying。
The two have been silent.。
Time is a little bit。
12 o’clock in the middle of the night,In the morning,Three points……
Period,The two stood like two sculptures.,Petrochemical。
“You need a higher eye and pattern。”
At the time of the eavest,The voice of the Dragon Master,“Red dust refining is good,But if you want to break through the sacred border,The pattern is still too small.。But also,You give yourself a big pressure。”
His clothes are hunting with the wind,Pole,“You look in a good river,Look this world,Looking at the universe starry sky,Anything is regular。Think about it,Good feeling。”
Just after he finished this sentence,The sky whitening the sky is gradually implying a red。
And getting more and more。
Follow,A round of red rise slowly,Mountain down。
Yulong,Rui Caiyi。
The whole world seems to wake up from the sleep.,Gorgeous。
This moment,Mingxia’s summer,The soul is a peaceful peaceful。 He suddenly has a kind of understanding of the top。
At this time,The voice of the Dragon Master is slow。
“You see this world,Look this,Such as the newborn baby is full of vitality,At noon,It’s like a middle-aged generally reached a prosperous,Finally in the afternoon,It’s too late。”
“Listened sunset,Yin and Yang reciproccycle,Gorgeous,Zhengyang blazing,Sunset……”
“But the sunset is not the end point,After dark,Will start new reincarnation,Everything in this world,Why isn’t it?。”
The voice of the Dragon Master seems to contain rhythm,Not Xu Xu Xu Xu。
“In fact, I know everything you.,You are one of the nine hegens,It is the company,You have the respected ring,Many your enemy,Your heart string is very tight,Require yourself……”
“This has become your pressure,Not advanced power,Once the pressure becomes resistant,This is like a decline from Dingsheng.。”
Last,He looked at the summer,Fantastic saying the last sentence。
“Remote,But it is facing your own heart.,You can’t find the direction,But your own heart is sleepy.。”
First1556Chapter Li family
First1556Chapter Li family
The heart is sleepy。