Thursday, June 1

“Cat can’t go to the high-speed rail。”

“I become another form,Humans can’t see me。”
“Go see it。”
“Red dyeing will not pick you up.?”
“will not。”
The group is tone。
Two days before Zhou Zhi chatted with it,Listening to the group complained,After the subjective factors of the covalry and throw the group,He felt that the group did not like red dyeing,It is purely because of the big people in the demon chose red dyeing.,No choice,It feels that he is the most close to the most trusted demon.,But in fact it is just a pet feeding under the temple.。
As for why I want to be a demon king?。
She accidentally mentioned a lot of delicious food.,Fun and very valuable things……
This demon personality is a bit bad?。
Go to the community downstairs from the way and old gray、Small round road,He just packed something on the night.。
A backpack;
A suitcase;
A cat bag;
Next morning,Jiang Yi checked him a full charge line、After the information you want to use,Depart from Old Zhou。
Nan Ge has already woken up.,Medium in the noodle,A lot of baggage,Just, when I left, I chatted with her.。
“You are here.!”
Nan Ge looked down,Not currently 9 o’clock。
She is a hospice,When I was a five bowl of noodles,Add meat plus egg,Also equipped with beverages and tons,Make a lot of money。At the time of the boiling surface, the old week and Jiang Yu actually chatted with the nanigang parents.,Chatter,It seems that it is very familiar with each other。
And Nan Ge is in the big oranges who tease her home.。
Square is not very good,Hesitate,Decided to play with her for a while。
It’s until you have a happy heart.。
Eating bowl,Nan Ge Dad has driven outside the car.,Nan Ge is in front of the big orange,揉 揉 它 的,Put on it:“I have to go to Caiyun University.,You finished,After the dog fight, no one will help you.。”
Grandrum is not intention,Lazy, fight, yawning,Even with the hind legs to open the boutique。
Nan Ge grinned,Not hit it。
Until the brother dragged the big bag of the big bag from it,It suddenly woke up,Lift your head straight stare at Nan Ge。
Things are stuffed into the car,Grandruto climbs up,Elite neck stare at the nanong。
Nan Ge took the car。
It chased past。
Door close,Grandrum。
The car is gradually starting,It also chased a few steps,Until the bus accelerated,It stopped。
Staring at that direction。
High Speed Rail Station。
Two cars stopped,Both parents have a。
Jiang Yan wants to leave it again。