Thursday, June 1

“I am afraid that there is an unknown secret.。”Lin Feng Road:“You will be sure must be a three-run level of congenital Lingbao?Can’t it be two streams??”

“Very small possibilities。”Sandao people meditated:“Let it go,Don’t take so much first,Look out,Follow the brigade,Otherwise it is difficult to determine the orientation of Lingbao。”
“it is good!”Lin Feng heard the thoughts:“Complete your breath,It seems that the masters of the magic river are very memorable.!”
“wipe,Is there such a trick to hate??”Sandao people heard a word,But although this is said,Sandao people still be careful about convergence。
Lin Feng’s breath,Wrap the figure of the Sanda people into it,And later arrived in the greed of greedy,I saw a figure of a greece rushed to the Northern Diffur.,I immediately followed the three German people.。
Soon the two of the two people came to the greedy,This void of the central station is standing a strong figure.,Each body is mixed with the momentum of the saints,Foot and foot28Respect,More than four respects。
In addition to these hallow,There is also a strong force like the level of the evil moon.。
“How is no one?”Lin Feng glanced at these figure,Suddenly I found a family,A bit wrong。
“Go away!”Three German people changing。
Chapter 1,322 Don’t run
NS1322The chapter ran
“I rubbed!”
Lin Feng heard a word,Because he felt countless, no good, the eyes were already in him.,Include that28Half-level big,Especially the scorpion of the magic cliff is more cold。
Just when Lin Feng took a sentence,His figure was grabbed by Sandao people.,Take the depths of greedy,The speed is simply to an extreme。
“Where to go,Despicable human!”
A cold drink of cold drinks,A horrible beam from this28Significant half of the seven people in the Holysis broke out,The beam of this road is like a lightning as a lightning, killing the figure to the Santao people and Lin Feng.。
Seven half of the sacred together,Don’t seem to be?,Directly launched Lin Feng and Sandao people,The seven beams have come between the devastating rays to Lin Feng and Sandao people.。
A moment of great crisis shrouded in Lin Feng and Sandao people,The two people suddenly felt the breath of death.。
“I rubbed,Your uncle!”Lin Feng scared a three-German humanitarian:“Sande,How to bring a road!”
“How to know,Integrate the breath of greedy,quick!”Sandao people are spelled,He reveals a weird ray。
Sudden blood is suddenly blown,A light emerged,Turn into a distinguished incarnation crazy flies to the four parties,A moment of time, this world, there is thousands of figures flying around。
A dramatic explosion sound,The seven-way beam is squatting in this sky,A distant figure cracks in void,Make huge strength fluctuations,This greedy is on the fire waves,Flood。
Seven things fall from the sky,These seven strong people are half holy in the magic river field,Herone has the figure of the magic cliff,Magic Cliff Face Tie Youth。
“Sandao people!”
The magic cliff is almost spurting,Due to death, staring at the depths of greedies,The power of strong Yuan god swept this void,But I can’t grasp the traces of Lin Feng and Sandao people.。
“He seems to have a secret.,Can with this greedy breath!”The half-southeat of a blue dress next to the magic cliff:“I haven’t used it now.,All right,Don’t delay the big event,These two small characters can’t be flooded in this occasion.!”
“I naturally know that things are lightweight.。”The magic cliff is a cold way,Immediately when the magic cliff turned to many strong gathering areas。
“Magic cliff,Sandao people?”At this time, the voice of the ice fire is full of the sound of the village.。
“Humph,How!”Devil Cliffs。
“pity,Also let this humble man escape,This despicable human beings specialize in lack,I heard that I dug a big grave in the magic river.!”A white-haired man behind the ice fire laughs。