Thursday, June 1

He originally takes a full hatred,But now Dragon is dead.,The anger in my heart is also dissipated in invisible。

“No matter who killed him,Also do a good thing。”
He looks to Sichuan sisters,“Your body has a corrugated liquid.,Treat the body。”
Two people should sound,Start to handle the body,And the summer will go outside,Pensive。It is my heart.,Good at observation,I am afraid that I will not think about it.,Last night, it is……moon!
NS579chapter Second night falling into love
Longfei is indeed dead,Dead can no longer die。
After processing all the bodies,Summer is also full of doubts。
but,He has decided,No matter how Dragon is dead,Who is killed?,What kind of details and grievances,He will not go to investigation and paying attention.。
Back to Pearl Hotel,Sitting on the sofa,Spoken eyes,Sichuan, who is standing in front of the battle。
Sisters are somewhat nervous。
They know,Decide that your own destiny is now。
“No need to nervously。”
He touched his own chin with his hand.,“I speaking count,Will not kill you。”
Sichuan’s sister suddenly touched。
But the next sentence in summer,Let them nervous again。
“But we can’t let you leave now.。Current,You have not got my trust。”His eyes swept away,“How about this,I am going to test you for a while。”
The two women are penetrating,Eyeba。
After reading the powerful war of summer,They have already had a rebellious heart.,In addition to fear and fear,There is also a silk worship。
This is not enough,It is the contradictory characteristic of the island in the bones.。
They love beauty and also,Shang Li and fight again,Hi new and stubborn,Unfair,Arrogant,Brave and embarrassing,Conservative and seek new。
For today’s Sichuan sisters,As long as the summer is not dead,They don’t dare to compete with him one day.。
“Excuse me……What do we need to do??”
I didn’t answer immediately in the summer.,But asked,“In addition to you,Is there any other master in the dark domain?,I am talking about a woman.,And good at Ibe, easy to accompany。”
Sisters two,Oppose each other,Some unclear。
However, Sichuan ice is still careful,“There is,But their level is not very high。”
“Level is not high,Compared to ordinary people,Should you still be very strong??”Summer eyes become bright。
“There are more than a dozen skull,The rest is below the ground level.。”