Thursday, June 1

Just after the good sound has not reacted,Black women’s body is like a ghost,Slow down。

Half half。
Good sounds can slow this tone,The face is full of unsolicient。
She is watching four,The black woman has no discriminy.。
“It’s really mountains and mountains.,Someone outside people,There is someone in this world to crack the shake of the shake.……”at this time,A strange voice suddenly sounds,Scared your kindness。
But very quickly,She immediately relaxed,It’s just that your face is very ugly.,Cold and cold,“Luo Premier,How?
Look at the lively and look?”
“Ha ha,Little girl is angry。
Why don’t you call me??”
With the sound,A woman wearing black from the shadow。
Women’s appearance is very ordinary people,But the body is rich,Goose egg face,A pair of eyes full of faint smiles。
“Sorry,We are not familiar。”
Good sound does not give each other good face,“This is also what you said,All,Enlightenament you are tall,How can I put this little person in my eyes?。”
First2280Chapter Law enforcement
The sense of goodness is satisfactory。
She is not a lucky fantasy。
In front of this woman with law enforcement identity,Will look at the feelings of the older generation,Show your own。
Because she is very clear,The other party is definitely in the dark follow the light。
But she is finally disappointed.。
Self-ended,She has no appearance。
I am fine now.,She appeared。
“Gimmick,Rules are rules。
I can’t be more than acceptance.。”
The voice of the lanyard woman is serious.,Slowly,Puzzle,Gently press the back of the good sound。
At the same time,“If I start,It is equal to destroying the rules,And telling the truth,Even if I shot,Not necessarily saving you,Shake is very strong,Understand what I mean?。”
Woman’s palm is pressed in a good sound,She feels a warm hot flow in the heart.,Slowly swim。
Suddenly a lot easily。
However, good sound is still shocked and woman,“Rusher,Shake is really so powerful?
It is better than you.?”
“Not yet played,Cannot be determined,But I think,I should not be his opponent,But he can’t kill me.。”
Toned,Women’s words turn,The sound is full of different,“But……Just now the woman,I feel that she is powerful than the shake.。”
What!!Good sound is first,Relatively stunned。