Thursday, June 1

finally,Mobile phone hangs,Qin Ning’s gaze,Staying at the phone that has been black screen,not moving at all,Tears are also silent.。

Gu An’an,Close yourself in the room。
Large room,Luxury joyful decoration,Interpretation of Gu Anan still enjoys the general treatment of princess。
The light in the room is very dark,Gu Anan only opened the headlights,She holds her knees hands hands,Sitting quietly in a wide soft bed。
She is full of fatigue,But I don’t want to lie down and rest.,She is eyeingly staring at the beige quilt,Until my eyes,She pulled her slightly.。
What should she do?
Observe,The people of the land have already known。
She can’t be there without Lu Haokai,The only hope of her now is Lu Haokai,But she can’t die.,How do you get pregnant??
Now make trouble now,Where is her face??
Gu Anan grabbed the phone,Give Lu Haokai。
The phone is quickly connected,But it comes to the woman’s silver bell-like laughter,Gu An An Instant,Where is Lu Haokai?。
Even in my heart,She still said softly:“Haokai,Where are you?”
The phone is from the cold voice,Ridicule:“Gu Anan,You will learn to ask my whereabouts now.,Where don’t worry??Good to manage yourself,Then think about how tomorrow’s things will be done?You remember,Our Lu family’s shares,Never fall,otherwise,Our marriage cancellation。”
Lu Haokai finished,Ruthlessly hanging on the phone。
“what”Gu An Anqi is called,Put your phone with a litter on the ground。
Her bed paved with furry carpet,The phone is fell.,Nothing was broken,Rolled a few laps on the ground,Quietly leaning on the corner。
“Lu Haokai。”She bite her teeth called Lu Haokai’s name.。
This bastard,She now looks like this,He actually ran to find another woman。
This man,Is it destined to have a heart?。
Gu An Anqi can’t control the tears.。
Gu Anan quickly wiped tears,Looked at the door,Airtight,She quickly wiped tears,Identify my own mood,I only wear shoes to open the door.。
Lin Demon is a bowl of bird’s nest,Looked at her,Say:“You still have a small month,Cry?Cry your body is not good。”
She finished,Walking on the bird’s nest。
Gu An’an low head,Not talking,Follow up。
Lin Dami put the bird’s nest on the glass table,Watching her eyes deeply,See her crying,She sighs:“Since things have happened?You come to admit a mistake,Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Xin will not take you??If you lose your face,I have lost other good than I lost.,This thing is that you are doing wrong.。”
Gu Anan nodded,Swallow:“mother,I will!”
“Um!”Lin Dami helped her to sit down,Looking at her seriously,Ask:“Anan,Mom doesn’t know what you think in your heart.?Lu Haokai,You marry him,Will n’t be better in the future。Mother is asking you all over,Do you really want to marry him??”
Gu Anan slightly,Looking at her,Hilarious:“mother,Do I have a choice now??”
Lin Mengyi looked at her,Language:“Anan,Mom picks up,Not to let you go marriage,Since I raise you,I want you to have a happy life.,Instead of marry Lu Haokai speaking people。Our house,Do not cooperate with Lu family,Not much loss。But An An,If you are married casually,That is a lifetime,Your best youth,Is it necessary to use people like Lu Haokai??”
She has always not agree with this marriage.,Even if this child is not his own own,But,It is also a growing child.,Look at her is not good,Self-cultivation,Her heart is not good。
Gu Anan looked at the mother, I really want to think about myself.,I am very happy in my heart.。
She smiled slightly,Red eye:“mother,this matter,I will consider it.。”