Friday, March 31

Go on。

One piece of black light,A pair of black wifami,Crystal clear。
call out!
Neck,Double wing,Electric shot is far from,Disappeared in the mountains。
Wu Zhixian lived。
The fifteen of Sui lived。 “this……Fly?”
Half half,Su Yu broke the silence,Just sound dry,Full of rich and unbelievable。
Not just him。
The rest of the fairy is all like this。
They are very clear that this means。
Can fly in the fairy……This means that it has reached the same level with the fairy!
Don’t say anything that is the secret。
This is not important。
If there is no level,It is the secret law can’t fly.。
Gravity environment in the fairy,It has firmly set this watershed。
Important,The first summer did not take the wings,Go directly to……That but the price of the real price。
If,Summer second kill magic Shen Tauade,Represents the strength of his war。
Then he can blame,That is a kind of identity.。
Wu Zhixian’s Qing cold face,Replenishing complex colors。
for a long time。
She sighs,Smile,“Senior,I still choose the night white to accept my experience and experience.,This Xiaogou,I have already come out of my own way.,I don’t need me to tell my hands.……”
Zhongxian silence。
They naturally understand the meaning of Wuzhi fairy。
Not Wu Zhi Fairy,Or careful。
It is a warrior who has come out of his own way.,Experience and experience of others,Instead, misleading。
Summer realm is indeed,Wuzhi Shui is called by Taoist friends.。
this means,Have him in the same place to treat。
the other side。
Entering the night white and Zhuo Qing,Also by positioning array,I saw the scene of the summer flying sky。
The body shape of the two is in place,God is awkward。
The heart is not a taste。
“Summer can fly over……”
Zhuo Qing muttered,Look at the look,View night white,“Old night,Summer can fly。”
Night scene,Looked up,Big eyes wide,Look at the air。
“Yes,He can fly……”