Friday, March 31

“What happened today?”

Lingjing raised his eyebrows immediately:“Miss you,Senior is an expert in disguise,Maybe it’s a whim,Or for other reasons,Just taught me,I didn’t mean it,How dare I tell others about seniors casually?。”
“and so,Today I deliberately took your dragon heart soft armor and gave it to senior,I just want to see what seniors mean,If seniors accept,That means the seniors are willing,If seniors don’t accept it,,Doesn’t that mean seniors don’t want to?”
“After this senior accepted it,I will talk to seniors step by step,Then tell Senior to accept sister,Isn’t it a matter of course??”
“how,sister,I am smart?”
Ling Jing has a smart face,Lingju feels that this is not that simple,only,What happened today,A little too much,Lingju’s mind is a little messy now,I want to think about what is going on,But there is no way to start。
Lingju frowned lightly,Some doubts:“Is it really?”
Ling Jing nodded repeatedly:“Of course,You see, did you agree today?,and,I have a bold idea。”
Lingju feels that what Lingjing said does make sense,after all,No matter what today,Senpai indeed agreed。
And for Lingjing’s so-called bold idea,Lingju raised her eyebrows and said curiously:
“what idea?”
Subsequently,Ling Jing looked around,Be very cautious,Then he looked at the curious Lingjudao:
“Sister……You said……senior……Do you like you??”
After hearing this sentence,Lingju was just stunned,The face will be flushed and blush immediately,Red face,A little at a loss:
“you……Don’t talk nonsense here!!”
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Chapter Twenty Six Just played casually,Now i’m serious
Then Lingju immediately blushed and added:
“Senior has never seen me before,Why do you like me??!”