Friday, March 31

only,Her hand suddenly is still in the air。

Her eyes are not strong,Tightly stare at the county hospital opposite。
In the field of view,A black shadow quickly brushed。
That is a man,Is holding a person,Munda entered the hospital。
Ye is softly blinking,But it is likeless,She took a few times again.,I am afraid that I just saw illusions.。
That is summer?
How did he be here?!
One of the thoughts that make her mistaken and ridiculous。
Summer,There are not many leaves of the leaves.。
But one thing is very clear。
That is this mysterious man.,very powerful。
Very powerful。
Make a reason,The identity of her nine members,Want to investigate a person’s bottom,Absolutely easy。
But all this,It is failed to use it in the summer.。
She indeed checked the summer file,It is shocked.,Actually3Topless level。
Usually,Personnel files are divided into three grades,Secret level,Confidential,Densely。
Even if it is a gentle body like this,Even Jiuke Association,Only belongs to the secret level。
The absolute level is the level of the top leaders of China。
Means of,Entire Huaxia,There are only a few people qualified to see the summer file.。
That discovery,It’s really shocked by the leaves.,Let her want to break the head and can not imagine the summer identity.。not only that,Just when she just contacted the file,Quickly have been seriously warned。
NS793chapter You are……
About one thing,Ye is soft and never said to people,I don’t dare to say。
But this does not affect the wonderful curiosity of deep inner heart.。
She can’t imagine,What is the identity?,Will make the summer files have reached the same level。
And in the heart,She also gave birth to a sense of fear.。
So after that,I haven’t deliberately close to the summer.。
But how did he appear in this remote small county??
Short mistake,The leaves are softly and back.,After a moment,Bite tooth,Go away。