Thursday, June 1

Reverse,“I have formed a contract with you.,to be exact,You only need to think,Can control my life and death,If I follow you to the Wudaojun,You need to refine a moisture armor for me.,if not,I am going to go with it.,not related。”

Summer contemplate means deep color,Touching the chin,Taste,“You want to leave?
What to do?”
“Can do anything。”
Summer view,Frank,“My injury is good,No time in the seal space,Important,I am more and more weak to the control of chaos.,The seal space is getting smaller and smaller.,I will disappear sooner or later。”
Toned,He has a goal,“If you have a guardian person and forces,I am willing to guard for you.,But after thousands of years,You have to put me free。”
Summer meditation。
No expression,The heart is quite awkward。
He observed the summer for a long time.。
In his eyes,Summer is calculated to be bright,Empathy,And pay attention to commitment。
It is also these characteristics,Only let him give birth to courage。
“good,I promise you。”
Half,Summer opening,Look straight to each other,“After I am walking,You protect black girl,Did so successfully,And have a certain power,Then go to the anti-pulse mainland to do the guard……”Shortly after,He will leave,Unparalleled,But it doesn’t mean not worry in summer.。
In addition to black cats,There is also a friend on the continent,And his born big summer……These are causal,Require。
It’s time to drink when you drink it.,He originally had a way。
Go back to the mainland before leaving。
Can thoughts,After all, I still have this idea.。
Not ruthless,Instead, after it goes back.,Don’t leave。
Since you want to leave the red,Then you have to do something.。
“this is for you,There are two billion yuan in coins inside,And some practice and secret law,Black girl is waiting for her to guard her.,After returning to the mainland,Give these respectively……”He will give a storage ring to each other,In addition to detailed。
There is no self-implicit screen in your mind.。
The old ancestors of him is like the mountain,Waiting for him like Zhou Shan,There is also the brothers between the chaos.……The dean of the Pasta College of the University of Da Guo said, such as the elderly,Hao Lang and those joyful girls……They are all passed,Also wiped back memories。
It is in the gentle environment,Make his mentality have also taken an extremely important transformation。
for a long time。
Summer convergence 心,Schematically showed the exterior to the manor waiting outside。
He continues to refine the moisture armor。
After another three months,The second yuan currency armor refining completed。
When he went out of the room,After coming to the manor,I quickly saw Zhoura Oio。 The other party arrived half a month in advance.。
Summer will take a storage quarter,Zhou Lao’s eyes become extremely strong,Under the view,I can’t hide the color of the ecstasy.。
The wishes of many years have finally reached,He has a relaxed weight。
For a long time,He put the emotions,Curious asked,“What is the person in the manor?,There is a cultivation of the gods.?”
Summer is not hidden,But there is no detailed explanation,Just briefly introduction。
Conclude,“Zhou Shu,I have one thing I want to please you.。”
Zhouraao,“you say,As long as I can do it。”
Summer road,“In the future, black girls have grown up,Redemption continent,That is, the god……When I had a leisure thing.,Can you send him in?,At the same time, I went to the Earth Hospital to see my teacher ethereal.,And another peak master,They are all culturally……”After the end,Also,“In the future, if there is anyone in the mainland, it will come to Shenpu Island.,Trouble Zhou Shu takes care of one or two。”
Zhou Lao immediately understands the summer mean。
After all, the general Wu inner hospital was delivered.,Will enter the Okayami mine。
Okayama mineral transmission array,Only to Dongpu City。
In the future, if there is a elite, if you have a elite, you want to go out.,Inevitable is this route。