Thursday, June 1

Until another morning,When Xia Jianmeng opened his eyes,He found Ma Yan sitting in front of his hospital bed and dozing off。He asked silently:“This is how the same thing?We will be here?citizens……”

“Damn!You woke up。You fainted,So I was sent to the hospital。The leader came just now,Said that all citizens whose houses were destroyed by strong winds now have houses to live in,You can rest assured!”
Ma Yan interrupted Xia Jian,Reached out and covered him with a quilt。
Xia Jian heard Ma Yan say this,Head tilted,The whole person fell asleep again。
He didn’t wake up until noon。For a time,I know Xia Jian is awake,All the people who came to see him squeezed into his ward。
With Xia Jian,There are also city leaders,And Xia Jian’s good friends。When Cai Li and Gao Qiaoli came,This strong woman actually shed tears in front of Ma Yan。She’s true love,Make no secret,The truth without evasiveness。
http://www.kljxgs.cnXia Jian was forced by Ma Yan,Honestly lying in the hospital for three days,But in these three days,His phone has never been disconnected。Wang Lin wanted Xia Jianneng to return to Buchuan as soon as possible,She also gave Heiwa a death order,That is to let him pull Xia Jian back to Fuchuan。
Xia Jianyi discharged from hospital,I’m going back to Bucheon,Because Bucheon’s shantytown reconstruction project is about to invite tenders,In strong hands,With such fierce competition,It definitely won’t work if Xia Jian is away。
So Xia Jian made simple arrangements for Guan Tingna,So they drove to Bucheon with Heiwa。The car just came out of town,When going to high speed,Suddenly a woman appeared on the side of the road,She beckoned to stop Xia Jian’s car。
Xia Jian put down the car window and took a look,Can’t help but smile:“Bai Xiaoru!Why are you here?Where is this going?”
“Do you need to ask more??I must go to Bucheon with you”
Bai Xiaoru said,Pull the door and sit up。
Xia Jian is overjoyed,He asked with a smile:“Why are you waiting for me here?And how did you know that I am going to Bucheon today”