Friday, March 31

“Kill them!Give me those people,and also,You have to die!!” Bombard。
He broke out of unborn aerobics,The fluid is enveloped by a dazzling white light.。
“call out!”
Summer does not hesitate to start big bows。
Four products arrow,Momentum,Heaven and earth,Wind thunder burst,Airfractive。
After an arrow is shot,He is no longer。
Instantly pull the bow,A portable arrow,Step direction,Aligned on the left。
There are hundreds of sea demon who guards the captive over there.,After getting the order,It is about to start。
At this time,Summer huge minds,I have already locked them.。
“call out咻 咻咻……”
No slightly hesitation,He is within five interests,Thirty arrow。
“Ah, ah.……”
Every arrow will inevitably kill a sea demon。
at the same time,Summer, there is a black light,Flying sky wings,Rapid,Faster。
In this way,He keeps the big bow。
“All run in the direction of the city,I am coming,quick!”
Summer drink。
too fast!
All of this happens transcended people’s thinking reaction。
Just at this time,Four products arrows and symbols have bursted。
A blue thunder that is more large than the bucket,Decrease in air。
Like the sky,Booming the nine snakes。
Around ten miles,It is reflected in a white light,The stab people open their eyes。
“Not afraid of death, I will save people!”
The first reaction is that Zhuang Hong Ten Ling Taiwan is satisfactory.,Don’t hesitate to rush out。
Rushing to the direction of more than 4,000 human warfare。
They move this,Immediately woke up the many human warrs that are in a stunned。