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I wish too Fu Song nodded.,road“The nobles are so peaceful,The South of the South has become the last chip of Xuejia’s home.,But I have mastered the evidence.?”

Yunqin mysterious smile:“Evidence is naturally there,Tai Fu and look at it。As for things above the championship,I have to worry about it.!”
“Noble!The old minister is a big minister,This should be exhausted。”I wish too Fu Qian。
Later,The two discussed the next arrangement.,I wish too much to leave the Gongming Palace.。
Kunyi Palace。
I wish too Fu to go to the palace,Wedging from the stemworthiness,Also quickly pass it to Xue Taihou。
During this time, there are various things happened.,When Xue Tai is extremely suspicious, everything behind it is Yunqin is engaged in ghosts.,so,Xue Tai was sent a special staring at the Tongming Palace.。
Even the winter cream to buy some folk little girls in Yunqin,It was stared tightly.。
Just a pity,Winter frost is also very good,Soon I found my own tail,But more than a few streets.,Just gave people people。
People with people,Tail behind,I can only go back to the palace.。
Xue Tai heard this news,Of course I am very unhappy。
Bar of can’t let go of the slightest idea,Winter cream is a big pile to buy a little girl who bought by Yunqin into the palace.,People who are arranged after Xue Tai‘Please’To Kunyi Palace。
Winter frost buying something,Scattered a place,This scene,Just being the life of Feng Yunqin,Looking at the Xianianzi who has never returned in winter cream looks into the eyes.。
Xiao Anzi was shocked,Recognizing the people in the mourning palace,Hurry back to the Tang Ming Palace and report the situation in Yunqin!
Hear news,Yunqin gave the guards of the Ding Ming Palace to hold the dead command of the Dry Ming Palace,Let zero zero in the palace secret,This only took Xiaohanzi to Kunyi Palace.。
Kunyi Palace,Winter frost is being worried by Xu Weiwei,Want to take out some things from winter frost mouth。
Just a pity,Winter frost is strict,From Cheng Kunyi Palace,Be pressed down,Even the eyes did not give Xue Tai’s waiter,It is even more likely.。
Xu Wei is unbearable,I have a slap in the face of winter frost.。
“婢!You think that your master is a petty,You can don’t worry with your pillow.?!”
“And don’t talk about it, I am still coma.!Just wake up,I want to deal with you in the palace.,Visual!”
Winter frost faces have been smashed,The mouth is broken.,Overflow silk blood。Winter cream is cold and cold.,Still not talking。
Xue Tai, who is drinking tea, put down the tea,瞟 眼 眼 眼 嬷嬷,Majestic road:“All right,Xu Wei,It is a young girl in the end.,This water spirit’s face is good,Carefully,Don’t touch it.!”
Xu Wei’s respectful head,“Is old slave lost an inch!”
Winter cream is cold and looking at the two people singing,A sings black face,No response。
This main servant is in the acting show.,She still understands!
“You are called Winter Cream.?!”
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS278chapter Herner‘stupid’36
Xue Tai sees winter cream is indifferent,Word of winter frost:“Your master,You don’t go back so long.,I don’t see her to come to you.,Really,I am not afraid that you will go out.,What happens to。”
“I see you in the sex,Not as good as,Stay in the sorrowful home, Kun Yongqing?At the time,How is the month to give you five times??”
“Winter frost,I am afraid that I can’t afford it.。”
Pleasant sound,Sight into the temple。
The winter cream who is squatting on the ground is bright.。She listened,It’s Yunqin.!
Xue Taihou and Xu Wei two people do not test,I haven’t thought about it too much.,Yun Qin is a noble,I will take a trip to a palace woman.!
but,This makes two people feel,Winter cream knows,Be definitely a lot。
Think room,Yunqin has come in,There is also a palace woman in Kunyi Palace.。