Friday, March 31

“Unrelated to you。”

Yun Non said coldly.,Immediately to summer road,“Summer brother,let’s go。”
“it is good。”
Summer smile,The two continue to step by step。 See them,More than a dozen people do not help but,And the long legs are cold,Laugh,Deliberately pinch the scorpion,Oscillate。
“Summer brother……It’s a Sao fox,Not a green tea,Being up to support,Now give people a green hat,Some of the people now,Can be packaged,What dog goddess,It is clear that it is a scorpion.。”
Sound is not high,But enough to let the people listened to the clear。
And the vicious pole。
Pretty girl is called Zhang Feifei,Building flower,It is also one of the school flowers on the school flower list.。
In college,School flower,Not just a beautiful synonym,And learning is good,Be strong,More than the participation,Take this to get the students’ sought after and recognize。
no doubt,Zhang Feifei is from small to big,Regardless of the appearance of the body and even the results,She can call it a arrogant woman。
But unfortunately,Since coming to Qinghai University,All the winds are all taken by Yunnuo,Although she is also very good,But at all, you can’t compare with each other.。
There are many examples.。
E.g,Yunyi likes to play,I don’t know how many boys join the Sanda House.,She likes the piano,I don’t know how many people practice piano.。
Even if she doesn’t do anything,Nothing,But the appeal is unparalleled。
Zhang Feifei is also the captain of the architecture.,But comparable to the archaerality of Yunyi,The popularity of the two can’t speak on the same day.。
University campus itself is a concentrated mini society,妒……Especially the woman’s jealous,Once you are crazy,More terrible than what。
Be right。
Zhang Feifei jealousy Yunnuo,Jealous of her study,Jealous of her figure,Justing all the conditions she owns。
Then,It turns a hate,Vicious hate。
She is not ranked and spreads vicious rumors after being in front of people.,Want to make this stinky。
This time is the same,Especially the eyes of Yun Iono ignorant,She more hate,Only that the words are so vicious。
“Zhang Feifei,What did you say!you,unacceptable!”
The front of the Yunyi suddenly stopped,Turned to the opposite side。
Zhang Feifei is a glimpse,I didn’t think that Yunyi will refute,Soon I came back,Satirize,Narrow,“Excessive?Hehehe,What to put?,Not a scorpion,how,Have been hurt and steal men,Since you dare to do, don’t be afraid of others.!”“You are very embarrassed,From the inside out,”
NS096chapter Some things can’t bear
“You are very embarrassed,From the inside out。”
Although Yunyi is extremely proud of the goddess in the eyes of the students.,But her essence is a girl of a weird spirit.。
It’s anxious now,There is also summer like this,Similarly, don’t hesitate to kill the ring。
“Who do you say??You say one more!”
Zhang Feifei’s face is a blue white,Immediately,But three girls next to it stopped。
And the other boys are the supporters of Zhang Feifei,In order to maintain her at this moment,Sarious。
“Io classmates,Although you are school flowers,But how can you swear?。”
“hehe,Can you still see it?,Irogan students have now,Naturally don’t continue to pack yourself。”