Thursday, June 1

Then add water,Then, the mixture of medicinal materials such as ice dragons was added.。

Finally start with firewood burning bronze iron pot。
A time after a time,In the bronze iron pot, we started to slap the sound.。
Lin Feng stands up,Step on the ladder and watch the bronze iron pan,The bronze iron pan has a cyan mist,Like a cyan flame,The cyan fog is extremely strange,It seems to be a shadow,As soon as the Phoenix, the Phoenix。
“finished,I don’t know how power is.。”Lin Feng reach out,His hand is placed in a pot,The cyan liquid is wrapped in Lin Feng’s finger.。
“A bit painful!”
Lin Feng feels like it is an ordinary person.,The finger is used with a lot of stabbed.。
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“it is good,it is good,Quench。”Lin Feng immediately began to walk up to unscrew the valve on the bronze iron pot.,Suddenly these cyan colored color quenchings began to flow around the pipeline,This pipelines lead to several large water cylinders in other villas and a super massive water cylinder on the lake lake.。
Lin Feng carefully controls the amount of control,After a few minutes,Finally completed,Then his figure went out,Night lonely has been gathered in the small courtyard,Cheng Tianlong,Mu Jun Wang,Heavenly President,Night knife,Zu Qinglong,To the sky song,Dongxing,Huang Fengyu nine people,Nine people saw Lin Feng came out,I have greeted it up.。
“it is good,All are all,It is not easy to say,Now quench the body back in the respective rooms,This is the holy spring that is higher than the level.,The previous holy spring has no effect,But this time is inevitable。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Really reborn。”
“it is good,If we don’t break,You can find a stone to kill the stone.。”Cheng Tianlong wrote a laughter:“Yes or no,Triple。”
“nature,Who do we hit the fast?。”Mu Mu Wang haha smiled:“Semi-step,Really expecting。”
“Yes,Look forward to。”Heavenly and night loneliness。
“Second uncle,Dan medicine。”Lin Feng looked at the yellow windy road。
“I have already prepared it.。”Huang Fengyu smiled and took out the seven-star harvest Dan.,Eight Stars Chemical Dan and 8 Star October Daddy。
Lin Feng has opened the box in the past,Then, the eight-star creation Dan and the eight-star bright big Dan have become more than two halves.,Then I handed the night lonely,Cheng Tianlong,Mu Jun Wang,Four people in Tiannan,Four people holding Dan,Excited color on each face。
“It is not easy to say,We broke through。”Night lonely holding Dan medicine:“Neurrable half of the legend,Swear,Allocate,go!”
“it is good!”Heavenly President,Mu Jun Wang,Cheng Tianlong three people heard a lot to turn away.。
“Uncle,Uncle,Uncle,Dongxing。”Lin Feng went to the medicine and laughed.:“Horses。”Denham is handed over to four people between talking。
“it is good,Will not disappoint you。”Excited to the sky song,He is more excited,It means that he has finally born in a military domain from today.。
In China,Only a martial artist is sitting in the town,Can be called a family,That is the real family。
“Maple,Your uncle will encounter you in this life.。”Zu Qinglong smiled and took a Dan medicine。
“Uncle,You are welcome,You are an elder,I should,The only regret is your arm,But you can rest assured,There will be more and more lamas for your arms.。”Lin Feng Road:“Uncle,I believe you must succeed。”
“All at all,Your uncle is still enough.。”Zu Qinglong laughs。
“Uncle,the same as you。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Maple,Thank you for the cold things in the Donghai City.。”Night knife language。
“Uncle,I have seen this.。”Lin Feng Road:“Go back。”
“it is good!”Night knife laughing:“Xiao Han didn’t see the wrong person。”
Lin Feng heard a little bit,Then I look at Dongxing Road:“come on,brother。”
“Big brother,thank you,My intelligence work is not doing well.。”Dangdao looks at Lin Feng Road:“Leading to be looking for a door,Second, uncle lost a arm。”
“it’s not your fault,We have just developed,I will definitely be fine in the future.。”Lin Feng took the shoulder of Dongxing:“Go back。”