Friday, March 31

Originally, he also intends to step by step to explore the power around the Eastern Pucheng.,I didn’t expect to be sent by Zhou Yizhen.。

For him,Absolutely a big human condition。
Next more than ten,It’s about the array and the front。
《Array foundation》《Branch》《Detailed view》《Small latent image detailed》《Large latent array arrangement and structural diagram》《Array in combination》……Summer is over,Receive all of the storage space。
He is grateful,Again。
He leaves the earth,It is a purposeful,Have a lot of。
His hearts,It is also full of gray and heavy。
But all the way,I have encountered many people who have fun to him.,Also let the summer’s mentality have gradually changed。
And he owe a lot of people。
“Whee,Brother,Don’t be hot,I am also conquering talents for me.。”
Zhou Wei hid the summer,Backward,“My family originally has a secret treasure,Ability to completely hide,Can even avoid the search for the desert master,Unfortunately, it is an incomplete。”
Toned,She takes over,“never mind,Tomorrow, I will go home to take the secret treasure.,Ask the two masters to fix the above array,If it is repaired,Can temporarily use you。”
Summer eyes slightly bright。
The words really breathe are more urgent.,“There is such secret treasure?
Can escape the contest search?
For the high prime warfare,The role of my mind is far more than the eyes。
most of the time,It is not true that the eyes see is true.,But God will not deceive himself。
So there is a diagram,Used to fight against my mind。
simply say,Many secrets,In fact, it is created and derived from the depends and battles.。
“of course it’s true。”
Zhou Wei is not full of words,“I am.,But that secret treasure is an incomplete,A corner array。”
……Next day。
Summer is in the transmission of the second product array in the three refinery room,The door is pushed open.。
Lin Donghe blood old blame two people。
They follow Zhou Wei and the words。
“Brother,I took the secret treasure.,But the two masters said that they want to fix them.,Do you need a few months?。”
Lin Dong face,Oblique。
Zhou Wei spit into the tongue,I made a ghost face again.。
Summer arched to give two people。
Lin Dong and the blood old blame some head,Their hands appear in their hands.。