Friday, March 31

Like half a black tower,Cover the sun。

“Boy,You said that I am lazy?”
Narrate,Summer mouth,Immediately,“I just didn’t say it.。”
Huo Guang stunned,“You didn’t say?”
“fart,You are a blind man or a deaf,Ggo!”
Huo Guang’s face has little less,But now,Cannot be returned。
He will teach these newcomers.,Let them know the rules here。
“call”I’m slap.。
Next to Huaqing Hui enrogated。
Sound is crisp。
However, everyone is wrong.。
Huo Guangpu fan big palm is still in the air,And his wrist,Beachened by a hand。
His look is wrong,Pupil enlargement,Unconvident。
Summer face is light,Hague corner brings together,“Don’t get inch,Walk away。”
He pushed,Huo Guang’s eyes,哒 哒 哒 哒 哒 退 退。
Silent silence。
Everyone including Huaxai Hui,All of them look at the summer with a different eye。
They don’t understand,A gods that have just entered the fairy,Can be under such heavy pressure,Extremely accurate buckle of Huoguang’s wrist……If it is outside,This scene may be gentle。
But here,Really incredible。
To know,With their cultivation and realm,In addition to cushioning with your feet,It is not difficult to carry an arm.。
When the Huo Guangba is boarded,They can’t do it and twisting。
“A good boy,Grandpa looked at the eyes,I can also avoid it.!”
Huo Lang stopped footsteps,Face 狰狞 distortion,It seems that his majesty has been provocatively challenged.。
Make a big step,Jumping up is a slap,“I don’t want my face.……”“Snapped”Huo Guang stunned。
His slap has not touched each other.,I have already passed on my face.,The ear is coming。
A loud big slash。
“you……You dare to hit me?”
He seems to be a little can’t believe,Anger to the extreme。
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