Thursday, June 1

Rosau:“……”She suddenly raised her hand to block her face,I feel very shameful。

“continue。”Zuo Luohuan is another six humanitarian。
“I can’t,I surrender。”The military school that has been in the recording,Several steps after connecting,“I am just a technical personnel。”
The last class has not ended,Zuo Luohuan is finished with the people of the North Military Academy.。
Fang Shaosheng left with his teammates,Also put a sentence:“Don’t think that you won this time,Win in the future,I just arrived.,Acceptable。”
“Next, you can change,I do not mind。”Zuo Luo is laughing,“Can win you once,Win the second time,Countless times。”
Rosau:“……”She is embarrassed!Winning people can’t afford!
After class,Zuo Luoheng asked Jianghong:“Is there a shot??”
Jianghong exposed his own light:“Of course.。”
Zuo Luo nodded:“Send a video to the Comrgent,Let him have a bottom。”
Others leave,Zuo Luo is not going,I shouted by Kang Guang。
“Before you and I have,Why didn’t you see so power??”Kangguang hands holding arm,There is no expressive look at Zuo Luohuan,When he is not laughing,The scars on the mouth are restored to a。
“That time is not good。”Zuo Luohuan half is serious and half。
Kangguo Wen Yan,Come back and forth a few faces,Last:“No matter what you want to do,Military school exercise,Otherwise I will not let you go.。”
“I try my best。”Zuo Luo still did not say certain,Who knows what happens behind?。
The first military school is analyzing the strength of the northern military school.,Foreign students are also analyzing Zuo Luo’s strength。
Rosau is holding information with the captain of the video and the other two military schools.,At night,Just sit together to analyze Zuo Luo’s performance during the day。
“She doesn’t have any extractions,Precision like instrument。”Treatment, a pair of eyes, no blinking,Staring at Zuo Luo in the video,After you will look at Rosau,“Just attacking her,She knows from the beginning。”
Rosau’s black face:“She is very strong,And the people I have encountered in the school are different。”Zuo Luohi gives her feel more like a real core group army.,fear、powerful。
The security of the joint military school is suddenly changed.:“I am inquiry when they train them.,Zuo Luo lost to Ji’s,Is this meaningful than she wants?……powerful。”Come back,His voice has been low down,Do not want to believe that this inference。
If Ji Yue, Luo Huan stronger than the left,The first military academy that almost a winner。
“He has not differentiated intoogaNS?”Luo Shao round remembered Road,“It can not,Huan left than can play?,That first military academy to the skies!”
Charles Li ceremony on rough description of the northern military captain is not going to listen,He closed the video:“West a century to repair the son,Di hung a left daughter,Two people are strong as it should be,We still think about how to do exercises season。”
Foreign students in the first military spent a full nine days,The tenth day of the first military and then with people who rushed to the race venue military exercises。
Four military aircraft who sit in batches,They were escorted to the venue,On arrival,Everyone line up down,Standing in front captain。
This time they wear combat uniforms is another field,Everyone comes with helmet,Helmet has a channel call。And training is completely different from the usual,After a crowd to the venue,You will be able to perceive the atmosphere of the game。
First military exercises start ceremony tournament,Four-team captain needs a leader in school banner from the hands of their own instructors,Inserted at the forefront of the team,Then published rules of the game and considerations by the organizers of this,Finally, the game started。