Thursday, June 1

“But wait for me to save those civilians,There are only these collapsed beasts and the dead.。”

“Cang Xuan and Dan Zhu did not see the body,Ji Lin is also born to death.,Even the body is dead, it is necessary to confront the sense of consciousness.,Can you be happy in your heart??”
Fuhua double eyes,“I……I have always repented。”
“Look at?”The law of recognition has made a look on Hanjiang,“I said in the morning.,We are two is the same person。”
“Her pain can understand,My remorse, she can feel it.。”
“Think about it again,My fault of this life,From this one?”When the law says this sentence,Full of full laughter。
Because of the argument of the Fuhua,She has always been the party of victory。
Three people,Only Han Jiang knows,This is the trial of Y Huay himself.,Just borrow the tone of the law。
The pain is always in Fuhua one person,In this debate,No victory,Only by the Fuhua alone lost。
Because I don’t care what she does,Will stay annoyed。
Where is ordinary people?,Ten years later, look at the current choice。
Every year, I feel negligible choices.,Why is it not a huge intersection?。
People often think,If it is another option, it is fine.,But if you have selected another,There will be another regrettable birth。
So Han Jiang wants to become strong,For life, leave the least regret as possible,He wants to be strong enough to protect people around,You can also protect human groups。
He doesn’t want to become Kevin,Even the most loved people lost,Only revenge occupies the heart。
Think of these,Han Jiang felt that his heart was quiet。
Super fusion agents have been playing,Let Hanjiang’s idea expanded slightly。
Otherwise, it will not take it into the illusion of the law of the law.。
But this is also a good thing.,At the same time, you must thank the arrangement of the law.,Let him see the past and painful past and pain。
Only see it,Han Jiang can 日 后,Going to a little way to find a way to cure the painful pain。 otherwise,He only knows that Fuhua has suffered huge pressure and self-blame.,But I can’t help it.,That will be more powerless。
Han Jiang is even thinking,If it is not a powerful power,Just a slight person。
I am afraid,She has already become a law.。
For thousands of years of loneliness,Countless remorse,That is, Fuhua can stick to mind,Change Han Jiang himself,Early。
“Come and see here。”
The law of knowledge is once again changed,She wants to re-present one thing.,Just to prove,I have been wrong in the past。
“This is……Insbeen grassland?”Fu Hua also recognized this place。
Knowing the law,“Yes,Five hundred years ago,The distant expedition army hit here。”
Fuhua is still looking for a familiar figure,But Han Jiangli Malay。
“It’s here,You put the carine·Caslan?”Hanjiang asked。
The legal is slightly surprised,“Your kid knows a lot,At that time, I not only put the first sacred woman.,Also put Otto nacch。”
With the emotional fluctuation of the law,There are more and more corpses on the grassland.,The picture is more realistic。