Thursday, June 1

Today’s Siberia,Just escape from urban,Will only cause more death injuries,The collapsed beast on the wilderness is not reasonable.。

Bud:“Then I will notify my partner,Take your own nominal, you will smash you.。”
“alright~”Full swaying hands:“What are you drinking?,If you say, you may say more,Throat。”
The bud sweeps a drunkard,Say:“Washish。”
“Don’t drink。”Honor:“Then give you a cup of alcoholic drink.。”
Said to be modulation,Full picking up the orange powder directly to tune a cup。
“this……”Skull lady in the sidewater,“This is called modulation?”
“Make a drink,My job is just a mercenary.,Where is the time to learn?,If you have a few kinds of wine and drinks, you will sway it.,Ordinary people don’t understand。”
“You are not afraid that others are still troublesome.。”
Audio refers to the refers to the store,“Do you see that I am a place where there is money??”
Bud sweeping,It is true that there is an experienced rich people who don’t come to this store.。
The average person can’t drink again.,As long as you drink, you will not die.。
“Small empty……How’s it going?”The buds were pinched by the feet to move on the bar.。 Talking about children,Aids a little spirit,No longer lazy。
“The children are very good now.,Professionalist,Professional teacher,Eat and drink, there are nutritionists to adjust。”
“That’s good……”Bud jacket pointer,“Said so much,Can you tell me the purpose here??”
Aids a little impatient:“Older friends are in the old saying.,In addition to children,Don’t you talk??”
“Ha ha。”Sakae,Say:“Talk about,Talk to your time in Coral Island,I almost harm my seriously injury or even died there.?”
Full shrug,“God knows that I want to attack the Ice,Not aware of your consciousness,It is the planning of Chen Tianwu’s guy.。”
“Now the law of Ice has went to the fire,Chen Tianwu turned into a unreasoning 傀儡,Hosting is also a statement?”
“The two of them are two things they are.,And you really do it at that time.。”
Fruity helpless:“I am also to earn a meal for the children.,Some things always have to do it.。”
I don’t know what to say about this bud.,Audov is the small air, they are blocking the Wrigley,Can be biased to eat this set。
Seeing buds, don’t talk,Audio finally mentioned the purpose of his storm city。
“I just came here to complete some tasks.,Do you know two big businessmen a few days ago??”
Bud shaking head,This kind of thing is not within the scope of her concerned.。
“I am dry,They are the boss of the private anti-collapse of the storm city。”
“Why do you want to do this??”
“Ha ha。”Honor,No other feelings,Just pure happiness。
Audovs look at the eyes of the buds like a simple little girl,In addition to having a little envy。
“Not why?,One of the manufacturing bases in Storm City was governed by the law.,I will kill the boss of several private pharmaceuticals.、Middle management,Private pharmaceutical companies also have to collapse。”
“What benefits do you do with you??”
Audov is a bit simple,It is also willing to say two sentences in small emblems.。
“Stormy City has no medicine,Be chaotic.,It’s beneficial to us.。”