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Dramatic collision,The evil moon king is directly hit by it.,But soon, his figure disappeared.,The next moment is in the void outside more than ten kilometers.,Face iron green。
“Evil month,Don’t you say your hand??Why didn’t you see people??”The bronze long knife came to the indifferent sound road:“Where?”
The evil moon is cold,Strong scorpion,It seems to look for the magic river month,Magic river cloud,The trace of the magic river wind, etc.。
“Evil month,You don’t have to look for it.,I will give you your head first.。”There are more than a dozen movements next to the bronze long knife.,More than a dozen people are the king,Yishan Wang,Huang Guanxi,Liu Tianqi and others。
And the people of this are about the king。
“Mix,Have a break here!”Evil month Wang face:“I don’t believe that the king will first open you.。” “Humph,Surround you too lazy,If you are not afraid of death, even!”Dawu king snorted:“Be optimistic。”
Dacheng Wang big hands,Bracelet of the wrist radiant,Thirty-six heads of skull and take off to the evil moon,The evil moon king saw this36Head,His figure is violently shaking。
I can’t believe these skulls。
“Do not...!”The evil moon king’s face is gloomy and suddenly a big hand pointing to the bronze long knife:“People who have other forces of Daming Imperial?”
“Ha ha,The evil moon king is too lifted by yourself.!”Dawang Wang Wen Yan Loud:“I tell you,Not only36People die,Other millions of troops are all killed!”
“You are now alone!”Yishan King is also laughing:“I advise you to leave.,The anger of the people has disappeared,Otherwise you are also in the enemy。”
“impossible,Who is it?!”The evil moon king wrote a white,Rao is he experienced countless big winds,It is difficult to stabilize the gods when he heard this news.。
“Ha ha,You find it yourself.,The predecessor only looked at the body of your magic river,Their blood flows in that land,Go see yourself。”Yishan Wang Yangtian smiled and pointed to a direction。
The evil moon is roaring,His figure scratches the void disappeared.,In the next moment, there is a void outside of hundreds of kilometers.,This kind of void is filled with endless blood。
Blood flowing in the ground,No bodies have been。
But these bloody breath he is too familiar.。
The face of the evil moon is even more profound.,His figure is trembled,The power of the air is harmful to the Yuan God,This power is filled200Multi-kilometer,Do not,Just than he imagined。
“Can the sage can do??”The evil moon is dramatic,His face is frightened to the sky in the sky,I am afraid that this peerless strong person is slap him.。
NS1293chapter Bodhi is not dead
“Evil month,You are dismissed!”
A bronze long knife in the void,Inside with a tide sound。
The evil moon is cold,I don’t dare to put it.,Directly in the air and disappeared in the sky。
Bronze long knife is gradually blurred in void,It stands in the empty figure of a bloody,This person is Hu Yanhai。
Hu Yanhai injury is very heavy,However, his face has exposed a relaxed smile.,At least the Northwestern City will not be destroyed,It is saved in his generation.。
There have been a dozen movements in the void,What is the best of Yishan King and Dawn,The two hurriedly helped Hu Yanhai.。
“I am fine.。”Hu Yanhai directly opened the two,His mood stands up,Looking around the sky:“The saints are alive.,A stroke will be a number of troops,The gas field is too powerful.,This kind of hood is a few hundred kilometers,Yishan,Great,Did this predecessor gone??Is it my family??”
“Father,This.。”Yishan Wang Wen said the mouth of the mouth reveals a bitter smile:“It is a big energy of my family.!”
“My family?who is he?”Hu Yanhai heard a surprise:“So helped us northwestern provinces?”
“Father,This person used to be a big energy,But the realm falls,This is the magic of his once sealed.。”Yishan Wang explained:“He takes himself,Released by us,This is a million army。”
“Fall?Seal Unit?How to seal Chen Tong?”Hu Yanhai heard the confusion。
“Father,These big universities are not what we can imagine。”Dawu Wang is so busy explaining:“Don’t question。”
“I naturally know,Do you know this person??”Hu Yanhai doubts。