Thursday, June 1

“What truth?”

“You don’t talk about the rules。”Zhou saw the eyes of 槐,So he immediately calmly,“first,This transaction between you is not legal.,But among the voluntary principles of both parties,I will not pursue it.。”
“What method does not??”Monster,At the same time,This is a powerful battle。
“Human law,Demon。”Zhou is not moving。
“You know more。”
“I have my own inheritance。”
“Is it?”
“But the problem is,You say good luck,But you will last violate the rules.,This is one of them。Second,Finally, Mr. Hu is asking you to help him treat his wife.,You don’t do not,Also charge reward,This is simply……”
“His wife is bad.,No one will save。”The monster is soft.,“I also gone,Just not save。”
“How do you want?”
“Leave,I have no longer find him anymore.,This is only。”Catholic,“Others have passed,I can’t pursue it.,I don’t want to investigate.,This is respect for you。”
“You a little teacher,How many things have?Now human Tianshi is still,Even if you kill you,Who knows??”
“Try to know。”Light tone。
“I urgently need human being angry,Don’t force me!”Monster again trying to threaten。
“Are you forced me?。”
The monster is half-air,Dead stare at the depth,And gradually approach,The power gradually distributed。
Zhouzhi is stable。
槐 序 序,Very contempt。
But there is still a distance from the left.,The monster suddenly changed the direction.,Go away outside the window:“This is something,If you don’t defend the Note,I will come to you.……Even if you are the first generation of this era,I am not afraid of you.。”
Fladder,Windows is opened and implemented。
槐 角:“Incompetent。”
Zhou left back and saw him,Then I just look at Hu Yimin, who is not awkward in bed.:“Mr. Hu,This is already,After waiting for a while, you have no problem.,Give me money。”
Toned,He added:“correct,I will provide life warranties on this matter.,If he is still coming later,Call me,We will provide free after-sales service。”
Hu Yin, he opened his eyes.。
He nodded very quickly,Try to work hard:“Thank you Master.,I am grateful.,I am now calling Hu Xing, I will be prepared.……”
Subsequently he has some words。
Zhou Zhou only said:“Take money,Replace people,Mr. Hu is welcome,Moreover, I also take it very much this money.。”
He does have a relaxed,So not very practical。
I am a bit, I want to catch the demon.。
As a result of paying,Zhou has so far experienced three customers,If the pharyngitis is also calculated。And each customer does not have to pay the same,Compare wage arrears in other industries,Sometimes he will feel——